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War of the Realms: Journey into Mystery #2 (Review): Adventures in Asgardian Babysitting

Updated: Jan 25, 2020


Writers: Clint, Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy

Artist: Andre Lima Araujo

Colorist: Chris O'Halloran

Publisher: Marvel Comics


The War of the Realms event has been a heavy load to keep up with. I’ve been reading Aaron’s THOR run in anticipation for this and it has not disappointed. There are currently 6 comics out, bearing the War of the Realms title, and although it’s a hefty load, each individual story are all fast-paced, fun, humorous, and filled with action. The Journey into Mystery title is no exception.

Quick recap: Freya, the All-Mother, has tasked newly resurrected Balder the Brave with protecting his infant baby sister, Laussa Odinsdottir. He travels to Midgard and gathers a motley crew of caretakers consisting of Spider-Man (Miles Morales), Hawkeye (Kate Bishop), Death Locket, Sebastian Druid, Wonder Man, and Thor’s ever-so-loyal murder hound, Thori (we always need more Thori). Currently on a cross country romp through North America, they are on the run from Sindr, daughter of Surtur, and an army of Frost Giants. As they scrambling aimlessly to find safe haven from the onslaught, they are then confronted by the God of War, Ares.

Issue 2 starts us off at the confrontation between Sindr and Ares when she entices him with a deal involving his dead son, Phobos, and the “Glorious Death” needed to reunite them.  After a quick backtrack into Ares motives, we are brought back to the Winnebago Avengers in on the road in middle America. They stumble upon a remote Trailer Park where, despite their not-so-subtle, definitely out-Of-place appearance, they are quickly acccepted by the residents, who invite them to a camp fire (equipped with s’mores!). Their Kumbaya session is sent into a grinding halt when the embers of the campfire singers and burns of the Trailer Park residents to reveal that he’s actually a Skrull in disguise. Seeing their host in true form, the rest of the residents reveal themselves and the obvious battle ensues.

Following quite a bit of action panels, a Princess Bride reference, and a Thori Murder Dog rescue, the Babysitter’s Club learns that these Skrulls are actually deserter from the Secret Invasion (from 2008!?). They’ve been in hiding since that event and loved being off the grid so much, they decided to stay at the park in peace since. The revelation doesn’t ease any tension between the two group as they prepare for round 2. At that moment, Death Locket reveals the baby to the Skrull hosts and something strange happens. It seems as though the bouncing baby bundle of Asgardian cuteness has the power to enchant and enthrall the Skrulls, calming their threatened state and stopping the fight completely. 

This issue doesn’t skip a beat. Panel after panel, we’re either given information, humor, or action. The dialogue that the McElroys provide for our heroes seems pretty natural and age appropriate per character (see Miles and Kate). Midway through the issue, we get a foreshadowing of the Hel to come in a future issue, which, accompanied by the the great artwork of Andre Lima Araujo, will most definitely be a sight (and a fight) to see. 

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