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Spencer and Locke #2 (Review): Things Are Heating Up

Updated: Jan 24, 2020


Writer: David Pepose

Artist: Jorge Santiago Jr.

Colorist: Jasen Smith

Letterer: Colin Bell

Publisher: Action Lab Comics



WOW! This issue proves once again, why SPENCER AND LOCKE 2 is one of the most innovative, clever and entertaining comic books being published today. Pepose and Santiago have built up the tension in this issue and put our beloved characters in one f***ed up situation. I have never been more terrified to see what's coming next.

With Locke still on trial and after taking that horrendous beating from Roach Riley, he scours the city looking for any info he can gather on this psychotic villain. Along the way he comes across a few characters you might recognize from the Sunday Funny Pages, Marmaduke and their version of Dilbert (Norbert). These little easter eggs are what I've been waiting for. Using "Dilbert" as a computer hacker was genius.

Our creative team really seems to be at the top of their game, no punches are being held with this one. With Roach Riley escaping from jail he attacks the courthouse right as Locke is being put in front of the judge. He crashes in with a f***ing tank for crying out loud. But you can't keep a good man down. Locke chases him from the scene, getting him away from his daughter, Hero, who was at the court to see her dad. I won't even get into that last page. Brilliant Pepose, brilliant.

On of the cool aspects of this issue, was getting to learn a little more about Locke's girlfriend, Melinda Mercury. Mercury is a tough as nails reporter and the perfect foil to Locke. She's digging deep to find out about Roach Riley, and it seems she might be getting a little in over her head.

This book is filled with so many layers under the surface of the main narrative. We have themes of parenting, abuse, and trauma. The way Pepose has masterfuly juggled these, while delivering one of the most well thought out comic books in recent memory, is a testament to the creative genius he is. Not to mention the amazing art team of this book. Santiago Jr. and Smith only get better with each issue. The contrast of styles to the pacing, each page is carefully thought out and delivers one twist after another. This is one of the best books being published today, prove me wrong.

With only two issues left (I know, I wish it were more) I can only imagine what they have in store next. Go out and support this book guys, (you know you want a 3rd volume) come see what all the hype's about.

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