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Doomsday Clock #10 (Review): The Heart of the DC Universe

Updated: Jan 25, 2020


Writer: Geoff Johns

Artist: Gary Frank

Colorist: Brad Andrson

Letterer: Rob Leigh

Publisher: DC Comics


After numerous delays, DOOMSDAY CLOCK #10 finally released, and it did not disappoint. While we don’t see very much from them anymore, Geoff Johns and Gary Frank—two legendary creators at DC Comics—are crafting one of, if not the most important story in the

history of the DCU.

Following the showdown between the heroes of the DCU and Dr Manhattan last issue, we get more insight into why Dr. Manhattan decided to tamper with their universe. What we quickly figure out is that when Manhattan arrives in the DCU after the end of Watchmen, he is immediately thrown off by how people act in this world; he notices good will at the foundation of this world, as opposed to his own. Johns uses the supporting character, Carver Colman to express that. Dr. Manhattan uses Carver as a “balance” to put the universe to the test. As

Manhattan screws with the universe he realizes that all roads lead to Superman; All the good in the world seemingly originates from him. This issue was very powerful in the way that it clearly drew a line between the darkness of the world of Watchmen and the light of the DCU. What Johns brilliantly did, was play with the constant reboots across DC Comics as a way to show the reasoning behind those events were due to Dr. Manhattan’s tampering. From the golden age of

DC all the way to the New 52, Johns show’s all the different incarnations of Superman, and how each time he progressively gets further and further away from his humanity.

This mind-bending story couldn’t have been executed without the stunning artwork from Gary Frank. I couldn’t think of someone more suited for this particular story. Frank has a way of drawing DC’s characters in a way that feels both iconic, and deeply human.

My only gripe with this issue would have to be the scenes on the film set; I get what Johns is trying to do here, but it feels more like it’s trying to be like Watchmen instead of adding much to the overall story. It is executed well it just doesn’t feel necessary.

DOOMSDAY CLOCK #10 was an insightful look into the heart of the DCU. It was a blast to see Dr. Manhattan travel through all eras of the DCU, from the meeting of the JSA to the death of Pa Kent. This issue launches us into the inevitable conclusion of this story with the meeting of two gods amongst men; Dr. Manhattan and Superman. This is not a series to miss.

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