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Superman Leviathan Rising Special (Review): Clark Kent.... Kidnapped?

Updated: Jan 24, 2020


Writers: Brian Michael Bendis, Greg Rucka, Matt Fraction and Marc Andreyko

Artists: Yanick Paquette, Steve Lieber, Mike Perkins, Eduardo Pansica & Julio Ferreria

Colorists: Nathan Fairbairn, Paul Mounts and FCO

Publisher: DC Comics


This has been an amazing week for DC Comics, as you can see by my picks of the week. Everything was absolutely on point and this book was no different. With one an all-star collection of creators how could this not be one of the best comics this week. If you've been reading Bendis' ACTION COMICS, then you already know

how huge and important this book is. If you haven't read it, do your self a favor and go grab every issue, it's some of the best Superman stories in years.

With EVENT LEVIATHAN hitting stores in just a couple weeks, this is the perfect primer to the main event. The story is broken up into separate chapters, each focusing on major characters in Superman's life, Lois, Jimmy, Supergirl and of course the man himself.

The story starts out with a great continuation from ACTION COMICS. We see the head of Leviathan meeting with the head of the "invisible Mafia", Leone. It's here that they discuss how to get Superman off the table. There conversation expertly explains how and why it's so hard to get rid of Superman. Bendis comes up with a genius way of doing this, they plan to kidnap Clark Kent. Superman sees that people have come to kidnap him and tells Lois that he's going to allow it, so that he can get to the bottom of the mystery of Leviathan. The repercussions of this play out in Lois and Jimmy's story's that follow. Yanick Paquette illustrated this story and I can't get enough of his Clark and Lois. He definitely needs to be on a monthly book, if his schedule allows.

Lois Lane's story by Greg Rucka and Mike Perkins was phenomenal. It only heightened my excitement for her series to come out. Rucka has written Lois Lane perfectly, he shows why she's the worlds greatest reporter. Nothing gets by her. She quickly realizes something went wrong with the "kidnapping" and seeks help from outside sources, Batman and Wonder Woman. This is setting the stage for her teaming up with Batman and the other heroes to take down Leviathan. I think it's amazing to see Lois Lane as more of a focal point in the DCU and I can't think of two better writers to chronicle her adventures then Bendis and Rucka. Not to mention the exquisite art of Mike Perkins. His Lois is both tough and beautiful at the same time.

The real standout in this book was Jimmy Olsen's story. Matt Fraction and Steve Leiber have created something really special. Not only was the story hilarious but the artwork was brilliant. The Jimmy Olsen book is sure to be a hit. These two creators are showing how much affinity they have for the character in this small sample.

I'll be honest, I haven't really been following Supergirl's adventures, but I found this story very entertaining. Marc Andreyko wrote a great little story that catches you up on the current event in Kara's life and Pansica's art was great. It almost reminded me of Ivan Reis. With the DEO in ruins it will be interesting to see where Supergirl goes from here. Either way this story intrigued me enough to get the tie-ins if there are any.

Overall this book was well worth the $10 price tag. Each story helped elevate the excitement for the main event. It also helped serve as great jumping of points for the LOIS LANE and JIMMY OLSEN comics. This is one book that will thrill all DC fans and is essential reading if you plan on picking up EVENT LEVIATHAN. Also, I can't wait to see how Superman gets out of this one.

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