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Justice League #25 (Review): Doom Is Upon Us

Updated: Jan 24, 2020


Writers: Scott Snyder & James Tynion IV

Artists: Jorge Jiménez & Javier Fernandez

Colorists: Alejandro Sanchez & Hi-Fi

Publisher: DC Comics



I can't believe it, this is the third book this week that I've given a 10/10, but that's just a testament to the amazing work that is being produced in comics today. Snyder and Jiménez "the Sixth Dimension" arc has been my favorite so far. It's pitted our heroes against

the World Forger and forced them to think about being a hero in a way that hasn't been done before. This arc has been full of great character moments, especially involving Batman and Superman, individualy. Snyder and Jiménez have crafted a story full of action and emotion, this conclusion definitely gives you the feels.

This arc has also been one of the most bombastic arcs yet. So many big and crazy ideas, it's har to imagine this not going down as one of the greatest JUSTICE LEAGUE stories of all time. The chemistry of Snyder and Jiménez's collaboration is on par with Snyder and Capullo's, it's so seamless and flawless.

I can't imagine them not teaming up again after they wrap up their time on JL.

Ok let's get into the story, we open up with a young Clark Kent sitting with Pa Kent learning how to make fire. Of course Clark thinks it's silly since he can just use his heat vision. But as Pa says, It's about

carrying knowledge from the past and imagining everyone in between. It's such a powerful father/son moment, and Snyder executes it so eloquently. It's moments like this that amaze me at the talent Snyder has, of infusing his own feelings into his stories. I imagine that him (Snyder) having a new baby in the way might have influenced some of these moments in the book. Which only makes them feel more genuine. This is why Snyder is one of my favorite writers.

At the crux of this story, it's without a doubt heavily focused on Superman, but Batman has great moments as well. The World Forger tells Batman that he can save everyone but he has to help bring about this new world that the Forger has formed. The kicker is that he will have to turn on his teammates. Well if you read last issue, which I hope you did, he seemingly gave in to the Forger. Just when you think all is lost Batman does exactly what you would expect, he figured out a way to free Superman. It perfectly tied into the opening scene with young Clark trying to light the lantern. With the Forger defeated, they do the unthinkable, they invite him to join the League to help stop Perpetua.

At the end of the issue, when the arrive home, we see that the Legion has turned the world against the League, which sets up the "Year of the Villain", that starts next month. Tynion and Fernandez did a great job of setting up this huge story without it feeling forced. It flowed seamlessly from the main story. That speech that Luthor gives, WOW!, that was f***ing amazing. My biggest question, is what the hell is going on with Luthor? Also, when is DC gonna give Tynion a villain book to write already?

Overall, this story perfectly encapsulates what I love about superhero comics and comics in general. It gives you a sense of awe and wonder while also delivering great emotional moments. When friends I have, that don't read comics, say comics are childish, I laugh. I challenge them to find a medium that is more diverse and with some of the best literature and art to ever be published. So thank you Snyder and Jiménez for once again proving me right.

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