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The Batman Who Laughs #6 (Review): The Knight Is Dark and Full of Terrors

Updated: Jan 24, 2020


Writer: Scott Snyder

Artist: Jock

Colorist: David Baron

Publisher: DC Comics


How do Snyder and Jock keep doing this? Every issue of this series has gotten better and better. They have created one of the best horror books that DC has ever seen, and it's a Batman book. We are seeing a Batman the likes of which have never been seen before. With the Joker toxins slowly taking over his body, it's hard to know if his plans are fully his own or if they've been twisted due to the toxin. This has easily been one of my favorite Snyder written Batman stories and the fact that Jock is on art duties has only been icing on the cake. This is the beginning of the end of this fantastic series, and once again these guys blew my mind.

From the beginning this has been a battle between Batman and the Batman Who Laughs. Bruce has gone to extreme lengths to take done this cold and calculated villain. He's slowly been slipping into madness after being injected with the Joker toxin. Not only has the toxin been actively defeating him but the Batman Who Laughs has been attacking him psychologically as well. This story has so many layers to it and is expertly executed by Scott Snyder.

The true testament to this series success has been Jock's frantic and horrific imagery. Taking Snyder's grim story to new heights of fear and terror. David Baron's colors have mad these issues look like a series of nightmares of the worst kind. He takes Jock's drawings and creates a whirlwind of atmospheric colors that only heighten the feelings of impending doom. The imagery of BWL is like something out of a horror movie.

This issue sets up the climactic battle between good and evil, Bruce things he's found a way to stop BWL, only to have his plans thwarted. Just when you think you know what's going to happen, Snyder throws another curveball. That has been none of the most intriguing things about this title, you never know what to expect. Another aspect of this series that I found very entertaining, is the teaming up of Commissioner Gordon and his son James. Seeing them take on the Grim Knight dressed in the Batman Beyond suits was awesome. Seeing the arc of redemption for James Gordon Jr. has been one of the best parts of the story. I can't wait to see how Snyder wraps up their side story.

I know I haven't really dived to much into the actual story, but I just can't do it justice. You really have to read this one yourself to get the full experience of what this book is about. Snyder and Jock left us on yet another insane cliffhanger. I have no possible idea how they plan on getting out of this one, and I would expect nothing less from these two.

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