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Excellence #2 (Review): The Overseer Sees All

Updated: Jan 25, 2020


Writer: Brandon Thomas

Artist: Khary Rhandolph

Colorist: Emilio Lopez

Publisher: Image Comics



After an unbelievable debut issue Thomas and Randolph return us to their magical world where the Aegis watches over all. Their latest recruit Spencer Dales has just developed his powers and has been struck a critical blow, his grandma lies on her deathbed.

Last issue introduced us to Spencer, from the opening pages, I was drawn to this flawed and intriguing character. He showed a selflessness and determination that you can't help but root for. Having had his powers "bloom" late, he used his anger as fuel. So when his grandma (GG) is knocking at death's door, what else would he do but try to save her. He will go to any lengths no matter the consequences.

As he sets out to find a way to save his GG, he runs into his lifelong rival, Aaron. He's always disliked Aaron because of the relationship he had with his father. When Aaron offers his sympathy, Spencer is so bitter towards him that he pushes him away. You can almost feel the anger emanating from the page as he pushes Aaron away. It's sibling rivalry at it's finest.

While in the headquarter of the Aegis, he enters the Gateway where he attempts to steal a healing scroll from the Vaults he garners the attention of the Overseer. Theses scenes showcase the sheer awesomeness of Randolph's stunning visuals. The way he uses perspective to peer into this "Vault" helps the reader imagine the vastness of the room and the possibilities that could come from exploring it further. Not to mention the expertly choreographed fight scenes.

After the Overseer thwarts Spencer's plans and takes out Aaron for interfering. He locks Spencer away and strips him of his powers. He warns him what will happen if he ever crosses him again. The ending shows us a glimpse of the future , which only further entices the reader at the prospect of how Spencer ends up there. Something tells me that the identity of the Overseer, is gonna be something huge in future issues. The fact he was able to get those emotions out of Spencer and manipulate him in such a way, was a testament to the power he possesses. He's not your run of the mill antagonists.

Brandon Thomas and Khary Randolph have crafted a book both unique yet familiar at the same time. The story pulls you in with each passing page. With a well thought out cast of characters and an expertly designed world, this book has it all. I said it last month when I reviewed the first issue, this is one book you don't want to miss out on. This is a great example of a well thought out story couple with amazing art. It's clear that these guys have put everything into this book and built one hell of a foundation with these characters. If you want to read a hip-hop, urban Harry Potter, then this is the book for you.

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