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Sabrina the Teenage Witch #3 (Review): Why I'm Reading Archie Comics Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Updated: Jan 25, 2020


Writer: Kelly Thompson

Artist: Veronica Fish and Andy Fish

Letterer: Jack Morelli

Publisher: Archie Comics


Sabrina has been an integral part of my upbringing. I remember watching reruns of this teenage witch and her talking cat with my parents. It's so nostalgic to think about, seeing as this was about 15 years ago. Flashforward to present day, Archie Comics is revamping their Sabrina.

Kelly Thompson is one of my personal favorite writers. She's always been able to capture the fun of youth in her dialogue (think of Jem and the Holograms from IDW). Sabrina is no different. She's as spunky as ever with quips to shoot back at people when they present problems or tease her. She expresses emotions that bring me back to my teen days, especially with the heavy romance interest in this issue. She is not afraid to speak her mind to the local mean girl in school.

Veronica and Andy Fish's art is also a strength to this book. Sabrina is in her teen years having fun and wacky adventures. It's evident from the bright hues in the book. One scene, in particular, does it well. Sabrina manages to get out of peril in the woods and is being taken care of by a girl from school. The page is saturated with a bubblegum pink wall, a watermelon green refrigerator, and lavender purple cabinets. Surely enough, I don't think any house I've ever been in has ever been so colorful. In Sabrina's world though, that's just the normal. How cute?

With issue 3, Sabrina solidifies that it is worth being in my pull list. It has cute, relatable dialogue amongst Sabrina and her friends; it's got bright, fun colors; it's got the heart and the ability to make me feel young again! If you want a light-hearted read, catch up on Sabrina!

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