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Unearth #1 (Review): The Nightmare Begins

Updated: Jan 25, 2020


Writers: Cullen Bunn & Kyle Strahm

Artist: Baldemar Rivas

Letterer: CRANK!

Publisher: Image

Rating: 8/10

Horror masters Cullen Bunn and Kyle Strahm have teamed up to bring us another horrific tale, sure to haunt you long after reading. They also brought along relative newcomer Baldemar Rivas, who let me tell you, is about to become a household name. Not to mention it's another debut from Image. Ok, SOLD! You guys are probably getting sick of how many Image books I'm writing about, but trust me this love is not unfounded. Let me tell you why this is one book that you surely need to add to your pull.

First off the story takes place in Mitlan Itza, which is a remote village in Mexico. It also happens to be the epicenter of a deadly new disease that transforms its victims into something that barely resembles a human being. This is where the story begins, as a group of scientist are sent by the US government, to discover what the extent of the infection is. Of course they're accompanied by soldiers sent to protect them from any rebels they might encounter.

From the opening pages we jump ahead 3 years, the outbreak is no better than it was at the beginning.

When they trace the source of the outbreak to a cave, we see that it's not only affecting humans but animals as well. As they discover this hostile ecosystem, we begin to go further down the rabbit hole. They become trapped and the Bunn and Strahm heighten the tension. With no way out, they're forced to go further into the cave, and who knows what madness awaits them on the other side.

I'll admit, I'm not the biggest horror fan when it comes to film, but I love horror comics. What Bunn and Strahm have demonstrated with this debut issue, is that they are masters at their craft. They have developed an interesting premise, that doesn't feel "recycled". It feels fresh and exciting. These guys are no slouch when it comes to writing horror. Check out HARROW COUNTY by Bunn or SPREAD by Strahm if you don't believe me.

Don't even get me started on the art. Rivas has illustrated some of the most terrifying art I've ever witnessed in a comic. This is the first work of his that I've ever seen and I have to say, this dude is something else. His characters are expressive and easily distinguishable. He has a knack for pacing and his color game is on point. It's his imagination when it comes to designing the infected, you have to wonder what other twisted ideas are swimming around in that head of his.

Overall, this book was a solid debut. The story and art were both top notch. Bunn and Strahm give you just enough story to pull you in and leave you begging for more. I keep saying this but it really feel like creator owned books are overtaking the big two, in terms of quality and consistency. UNEARTH is yet another shining example of the diversity and greatness of the comic book medium.

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