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Long Live The Reviews! (Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes Review)


Writer: Geoff Johns

Penciller: Gary Frank

Inker: Jon Sibal

Colorists: Dave McCaig & Hi-Fi

Letterer: Rob Leigh

Intro: Keith Griffen

Publisher: DC

Rating: 9 out of 10 Fight Rings

Ever since being introduced to the Legionnaires in their 2006 TV series "The Legion of Superheroes", a history documentary of your adventures, I have been a big fan, watching your adventures over time and time again. The concept of the Legion is such an amazing one to me. Some kids at a club house decide to take their inspiration from Superman to form a team that works to bring unity and peace across the Universe among all planets and species. Nothing really crazy brought you all together originally, you just decided to do it and got funded by one of the richest people in the galaxy.

What started as three youngsters quickly became a large number of awesome heroes with just the most swell names. Sun Boy. Saturn Girl. Lightning Lad. Shadow Lass. All heroes from around the galaxy with a unique power. How could you not want to join the Legion? With many threats always on the horizon, I've decided to audition myself to become a member. My name? I am Review Boy! With the power to review great stories, I will cover one of the Legions most difficult challenges. One that almost destroyed their whole philosophy. I will be covering Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes. Thank you to the fellow citizens of New Metropolis for recommending I audition with this story!

Plot Description Powers

The future we live here in the 3000s is one of tolerance and acceptance from all species. Or so we thought, as a baby was jettisoned from their home planet, sent to Earth in the hopes that like the Superman of our time’s past, he would be loved and cared for while being spared their planet’s destruction. As we learn, the fate of the child’s similarities ends there . The Earth no longer welcomed or accepted aliens. Our world believed that Superman was never actually an alien, as new evidence emerged dating back thousands of years stating that Superman was indeed human. Everyone’s perspective changed that day.

Things quickly changed. Legionnaires were returning to their home worlds to deal with inner conflict that Superman’s Origin had created throughout the united planets. Any non-earth Legionnaire was hunted down by the Justice League. A bunch or earth powered kids who once upon a time stood where I am now to audition. They, unfortunately, didn’t make the cut and their twisted personalities led them down a dark path to place themselves as the one and only supergroup for humans. Any Legionnaire that was on earth continued to resist or were forced underground. They were in need of some help. Real bad. Luckily, a surprise time sphere brought them what they needed. It was hope, and it wore an S on its chest.

With Superman’s arrival, the tide began to turn as the Legion were able to regain enough numbers to take the fight to the Justice League, free their friends and reveal the truth about Superman’s origin to the United Planets and Earth. Saving the day.

Character Analyzations

My demonstration is not over as not only do I have the power to break down the plots of stories but I also can discuss the characters in them. The Legion’s roster is large and to say that I was a big fan of just one or two Legionnaires would be unfair. I could spend cycles talking, discussing and inquiring about each member and what their back story is. While this story focused on Superman and Legionnaires like Dawnstar, Colossal Boy, Wildfire and Polar Boy, I wanted to focus on two groups of people in particular. Polar Boy and the Substitutes as well as the Justice League.

As my powers stated before, the Justice League was made up of members who auditioned for the chance to be Legionnaires as I am now. They, unfortunately, didn’t make the cut. To be in the Legion, you are required to have a unique ability that no one else has on the team (that’s more of a guideline than a rule now). The members of the Justice League do all have unique abilities. Weblike hair, radiation powers, weather powers, and even an unbreakable skeleton. I remember being surprised most of all when I learned that Absorbancy Boy didn’t make the cut with his power to absorb other powers for a limited amount of time. It was thanks to my power of recapping the story that I learned that charter member and all around amazing Saturn Girl was not only evaluating their control over their powers with the rest of the Legion but was also scanning their minds to find if they were mentally well enough to join. I promise I’m not brown-nosing Saturn Girl but you rock! None of the members of the soon to be Justice League were stable enough and were not accepted. They instead lashed out in whatever ways they could to get back at the Legion.

The other group I wanted to talk about was Polar Boy along with his friends and teammates from the Substitutes. A group of heroes who like me, didn’t have complete control over their powers when they auditioned. Though they didn’t make the cut, they believed in what Legion stood for and together they chose to keep working at controlling their abilities and be the back up the Legion had if ever needed. Polar Boy and Night Girl found themselves wearing the Legionnaire ring in time and I look to them as inspiration to work harder to hone my abilities regardless of the results of the audition. 

The Subs are a unique group who found ways to master their abilities despite any setbacks they might have. Stone Boy, who while driving a bus through the Justice League’s base, solidifying himself as he crashed through the window with one of the sickest poses as he crashes into Radiation Boy. He may be stuck in that pose for a while but that was sick entrance worthy of any hero. Fire Lad, using the limited control of his flame breath to heat up the room enough to melt Golden Boy. Rainbow Girl, whose control over the emotional spectrum keeps her opponents unsure of what will happen next. Lastly Chlorophyll Kid, who can manipulate plant growth and talk to them. I know everyone here doesn’t believe that he can talk to the plants but if anyone can get ahold of him there is a bonsai tree at my place that is giving me some serious evil vibes. I don’t know what I did to hurt it’s feelings and could use a mediator.

Fourth Wall Breaking

I've saved the best of my power for last as I have the limited ability to break what is know as the fourth wall and reveal ourselves to be characters created within a fictional universe. I will do my best to show you this power but do not be scared. We are all real and heroes to many around the world...and worlds. A man named Geoff Johns brought this story to life with the powerful messages Superman and Legion bring. Despite being outgunned and outnumbered, Johns shows the powerful resolve that all these members have in the belief of what the Legion stands for. Superman is always a ray of hope but it’s the surprising comparison made with Polar Boy that really grabbed my attention. With a flashback showing Polar Boy’s dream of joining the legion shattered by his inability to control his powers, the young man is shown in a similar panel to young Clark Kent who is trying to keep up the charade of being an ordinary kid. Both young teens struggle to control their powers and seek to be accepted and while things seemed hopeless for them then, both heroes now never waver in their beliefs and continue to give everything their best.

As to how everyone in this story was portrayed. The events were illustrated by a man named Gary Frank, who has done work on other stories such as SHAZAM as well as DOOMSDAY CLOCK which hints that someone may be tampering with Legion’s place in the timeline. Gary is a master of portraying the emotions on all your faces. From Superman’s shock to horrors witnessed, Earth-Man and the rest of the Leagues greed and insanity, the haggard looks of Colossal Boy and Dawnstar, to the hopeful optimism of Polar Boy in knowing that Legion will always triumph.

Thank You For Your Time

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to audition for the Legion. Stories like what happened in SUPERMAN AND THE LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES inspires me to work hard and promote peace and unity across the stars. Geoff Johns is a master of sparking interest in almost any title he touches and to have worked on a story with the Legion was a real treat. Oops. Sorry, I didn’t realize my fourth wall powers were still going. Anyways, I hope that this incredible story of what was almost lost is shared with many across the United Planets to show every young hero the importance of the Legion and the lessons they gained themselves from Superman. I hope you consider Review Boy among your ranks. Long Live the Legion!

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