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The Comic Lounge Picks of the Week (7/17)

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

After last week's massive haul of new books, this is a relatively small week. But that's not to say we don't have some books that are must-reads.

This week sees a few new books launching; such as LOKI, COLLAPSER and JIMMY OLSEN. All different but all definitely worth checking out. But of course the biggest book this week has to be BATMAN #75, where we see the long awaited "City of Bane" storyline makes it's debut.

This is sure to be a much talked about week, I can almost guarantee that BATMAN and JIMMY OLSEN will be the most talked about. I think that LOKI will be the sleeper hit and COLLAPSER will surprise us all.


Young Animal season 2 is in full swing. After the return of Doom Patrol earlier this month, we see the debut of a new series.

The great thing about the Young Animal line, is that all of the books stand on their own. Not to mention they're weird an unlike the rest of the books at DC.

Mikey Way, Gerard's brother, is co-writing this series about a DJ who has a black hole take residence inside his chest. That alone is all you should need to hear to pick this book up.

Not only does it have a great premise but the art looks phenomenal. This is definitely a book worth taking a chance on.

Here's the solicit:

There's a voice in the head of Liam James questioning everything he does-from his job at the nursing home to keeping his relationship with his girlfriend afloat. Liam suffers from anxiety, and the only thing that quiets it is music, which makes a weekly DJ gig his one saving grace. But Liam's life changes forever when he receives a black hole in the mail (yes, you read that right), one that takes up residence in his chest, grants him insane superpowers, turns him into a celebrity and draws him into a cosmic conflict beyond his wildest imagination. Where did this black hole come from? Why Liam? Is power the cure? Or will superstardom turn Liam into a black hole himself? Find out in COLLAPSER, a superhero story that could only come from DC's Young Animal!


Matt Fraction and Steve Lieber + Jimmy Olsen = just take my money already.

If you read the Jimmy Olsen story in the Leviathan special, then you already know how great this series is gonna be.

It's been a long time since Olsen had his own book and I can't think of a more solid creative team to bring it back.

If LOIS LANE was any indication, then this book is sure to be a huge success. Don't believe me? Go pick it up and I guarantee, you'll fall in love with this hilarious new book.

Here's the solicit:

Jimmy Olsen must die! Wait, we're getting ahead of ourselves. Jimmy Olsen lives! Superman's best friend and Daily Planet photographer Jimmy Olsen tours the bizarre underbelly of the DC Universe in this new miniseries featuring death, destruction, giant turtles and more! It's a centuries-spanning whirlwind of weird that starts in Metropolis and ends in Gotham City. And then we kill Jimmy.


I shouldn't have to sell you on Tom King's BATMAN. If you're not already reading it, then what are you waiting for, go out right now and read what might n=be one of the greatest Batman runs in history.

"City of Bane" is the event we've been waiting for. With seeds planted for this massive story, going all the way back to King's BATMAN REBIRTH, this is a story sure to shake Batman to his core.

This is also the story that is set to change Batman drastically. What will it be? I guess you'll just have to read to find out.

Here's the solicit:

"City of Bane" begins! Bane's minions have moved into Gotham City, taken control and are ruling with an iron fist-including rounding up any villain who refuses to sign onto Bane's program-and Batman is nowhere to be found. At least not the Batman anyone knows. It's like someone has replaced the real Gotham City with a twisted funhouse-mirror version of it. Meanwhile, the real Bruce Wayne is on a spiritual quest to regain his fighting spirit after his showdown with his father in the desert. Can the people of Gotham hold on until their protector is strong enough to come to their rescue? Plus, what does Lex Luthor's scheming mean for Gotham City when Bane and the villains are already in control? This extra-sized anniversary issue kicks off a new multi-part storyline that ties together all the threads of the first 74 issues of Tom King's epic BATMAN run!


Everyone's favorite god of mischief returns in his own book. After the events of WOTR, Loki is back as the new King of the Frost Giants.

As a huge Thor fan, I've always loved Loki. With this new series we're gonna see a different Loki then we've ever seen before. If you're like me, WOTR left you yearning for more Loki. Well fret not fellow denizens of Midgard, this is sure to fill that "frost giant" sized hole. 

Will Loki be a hero or will he return to his villainous ways? Only time will tell.

Here's the solicit: 


THE REALMS, Loki learned a valuable lesson in warmongering: Don't get caught. But now he has a whole new set of responsibilities - and his brother Thor is not about to let him walk away from them this time. Late Show and BLACK PANTHER VS. DEADPOOL writer Daniel Kibblesmith takes the god of mischief in a thrilling new direction!

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