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Reviewmatter (A-Force Vol. 1 Hypertime Review)


Writer: G. Willow Wilson & Kelly Thompson

Artist: Jorge Molina

Color Artist: Laura Martin (#1-2,4) & Matt Milla (#3)

Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit

Cover Art: Jorge Molina

Assistant Editor: Alanna Smith

Editor: Katie Kubert & Daniel Ketchum

Publisher: Marvel 

Rating: 7/10 Friends

It’s been an amazing weekend. Lot’s of great announcements from Marvel at Comic-Con. We have our Black Widow movie, and to the surprise of many, not only are we getting another Thor movie but one that features Jason Aaron’s Mighty Thor Jane Foster. Powerful female characters are being provided with a much-deserved spotlight so it’s a great thing that the community of Instagram voted for what could be (should be) the MCU’s next team: A-Force. The series follows a team up of female heroes that formed to look after their domain of Arcadia.  These events occurred on Battle World and were a tie-ins for the Secret Wars event. After the event, the Marvel Universe went back to the way it was with no memory of what had happened, albeit some minor changes. This volume  covers a story in which  to save the day once again. Spoilers Ahead!


Our story begins in low-orbit at the Alpha Flight station where in the process of getting situated to her new space job, a being of energy finds itself forming outside the station's front window. Captain Marvel arrives on the scene to find that whatever this thing is, it’s not friendly and her powers don’t seem to affect it. What do they do next? Launch the scientist who has no training in dangerous situations and hasn’t even settled in yet into space to detonate some space tech that “might work.” We are only six pages in and these  scientists are already thrust right into the action. Thanks to what I would call a lot of luck, the plan works, and the mysterious entity we will know later as Antimatter disappears and in their place enters a different being named Singularity.

Singularity’s introduction for me and the A-Force was in Battleworld. They are literally a body made-up of stars who also has the physical appearance and qualities of a young girl. They also don't say much. Mostly just one word   responses on average. In the story, the groups all refer to them with female-based pronouns but I don’t know if you can technically identify a being made of energy and stars as female After crashing down from the sky, they are taken in by Nico Robin (a member of the Runaways in the main universe) and eventually meet the  other members of the A-Force. In this reality, she has met She-Hulk, Captain Marvel, Dazzler, Medusa and Nico. When reuniting with Carol turns out to not be as mutually exciting as Singularity was due to Carol having no memories of them. This isn’t the Carol they first. Realizing this, Singularity takes off to find another member of the team.

Her reunion tour takes her to She-Hulk followed by some property damage reuniting them with Medusa. The A-Force continues the assembling with