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The Flash #75 (Review): Hope Renewed, An Uncertain Future

Updated: Jan 25, 2020


Writer: Joshua Williamson

Artists: Howard Porter, Scott Kolins and Christian Duce

Colorists: Hi-Fi Color and Luis Guerrero

Letterer: Steve Wands

Publisher: DC Comics

Rating: 10/10

This is it, the conclusion to the retelling of Barry Allen's origin. Did it stick the landing??? Hell yeah it did!!!

Williamson has a deep understanding of the entire Flash mythos and it becomes more evident with each passing issue. He crafted not only a great "Year One" story, but a tale that encapsulates exactly who the Flash is at his core, a hero full of hope. I can't even describe, as a die hard Flash fan, how much I loved this story. There's a page at the end of the first story (there's 3 in this issue) that I couldn't stop smiling and staring at. Now that's not to say that this is only a great story for Flash fans, because it's not, it is truly one of the best books at DC right now. It flies below some peoples radar but I think everyone should be reading it.

OK let's dive into this.

I'm sorry but this is gonna have some major spoilers

Main Story

The issue picks up right where we left off, Flash fighting Future Turtle and The Turtle from the present to prevent the terrible future from coming to pass. It's here that we see Barry overcome his insecurities and let go of the past  to become the hero we all know and love. While fighting The Turtle he gets blasted by the Still Force and starts losing his speed. But he fights through it and we see this visually take place as his costume changes into it's current design, with lightning lines crackling off of it. Porter has such a knack for drawing Flash, his pages literally feel like the electricity is gonna jump off the page.

So many little things take place, as I said Barry get's his new costume but he also get's his first brush with the multiverse, showing him that he's a part of something "big" now. Williamson has brought back the Barry we all love. After a rough few months, where it seemed like everything was going wrong, he has found his hope renewed. The future has never looked brighter for the Scarlet Speedster.

One of the things that's always been special about the Flash, is how the city rallies behind him. Seeing the citizens of Central City come to help, is a true testament to the heroism that he exudes and inspires.

This was a wonderful way to end this arc, and seeing both Wally and Wallace when they were younger was a nice touch. It almost made me a little sad because of the current events surrounding Wally. But then Williamson and Porter hit us with that double page spread that. The one I told you guys I couldn't stop smiling about. What it means, I have no idea. But I can't wait to see what the future of this book entails.

Story 2 (Today)

This is where we get the tease of things to come. Scott Kolins illustrates Barry's return to the present and does an excellent job designing the new Still Force user, Steadfast. This is where we learn the reason for Barry going to the past, Steadfast wanted to show him so that he would be prepared for what is coming. We also get little windows into the future such as the return of Hunter Zolomon.

I love when creators show us these "to come" pages, it always amps me up. It's clear that Williamson has a lot of stories up his sleeve, which is awesome. It means there's no end in sight for his epic run.

I also love the inclusion of these new Force users as allies of Barry. I'll admit, at first, I wasn't sold on them but I've grown interested in seeing how their stories play out and if they're here to stay. With "Death of the Speed Force" coming up next issue, I'm sure they will have a part to play.

Story 3 (The Offer)

Captain Cold is my favorite Rogue, so this story was obviously great. Christian Duce did the art on this one and let me tell you, this guys art just gets better and better. I loved his depiction of Cold in this story, a grizzled and tired man who has lost a piece of himself.

When we catch up with Cold, he's a member of the Suicide Squad and has seen countless team members perish. We also get a look into his psyche and past. Perfect for people that aren't as familiar with the villain. Captain Cold has always been in that gray area of a villain, he's bad but at the same time adheres to a certain "moral code". He's a villain that I have missed seeing in the book, which is about to change. Luthor has given Captain Cold his "offer", and Cold doesn't hesitate to accept. It sets up the Rogues return in a big way.


Not only was this a great conclusion to an awesome story, but it sets up a lot of little threads for the future. Williamson is by far the best Flash writer of the last 10 years. He has consistently written great stories and added to the Flash mythos while honoring the past. This arc was my favorite of the series besides "Flash War". Not to mention that the art team on this issue blew me away. This is an exciting time to be a Flash fan, Williamson seems like he's bringing back everything that was lost because of "New52", and I couldn't be more ecstatic.

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