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Fertilizer Frenzy (Green Lantern Corps: Ring Quest Review)


Writer: Peter J. Tomasi

Pencils: Patrick Gleason & Carlos Magno

Inks: Drew Geraci, Prentis Rollins, Derek Fridolfs, Tom Ngyuen, Dan Davis, Rebecca Buchman & Rodney Ramos

Colors: Guy Major

Letters: Steve Wands & Phil Balsman

Publisher: DC

Rating: 9/10 Rings

A couple of months ago, one of my favorite artists, Patrick Gleason posted a photo of one of my favorite Green Lanterns of Earth on his Instagram. Guy Gardner looked like he was in some dire straits. I nearly fell out of my chair thinking this was a new series he was going to be working on. I nearly fell out of my chair again when Gleason, as well as the community, informed me that this was an older work he had done with Tomasi. I was really kicking myself for not being aware that my favorite comic creating duo did a Lanterns book. I quickly sought out the collection so that I could enjoy more of their great collaboration. Thanks to everyone’s votes this week, I will be going over one of the Lantern books these two worked on, GREEN LANTERN CORPS: RING QUEST. 

Constructing the Story

The story kicks off with Kyle Rayner and Guy Gardner on Earth shortly after the events of the Sinestro Corps War. Everyone in the corps is still feeling the losses as many were wiped out from the growing numbers of the Yellow Lanterns. Guy and Kyle have struggling to find their place in the universe after the recent event; one contemplates over a job offer in a fancy art institute the other reaches the same decision eating junk food inside a storage unit. I’ll leave it to you to figure out which one is Kyle and Guy in this moment. It’s time to pack your bags (or entire storage unit of junk in Guy’s case) and move to OA, the home base of the Green Lantern Corps.

Meanwhile across the universe, green and yellow rings are seeking out new members for their corps. Through a series of unfortunate events (but by no way through Lemony Snicket’s design) a yellow ring finds its way to Mongul...Jr. Quick update for Mongul. He helped destroy Hal Jordan’s home city which set off a chain of events that turned him evil and nearly wiped out the Green Lantern corps. He also likes to use plants in his schemes. This isn’t that Mongul though. His son ended up taking the mantle of his father after the original died. Still uses plants though that make you see things. Anyway, Mongul gets ahold of a yellow ring and with a future employee of the month attitude, he’s gonna power through ninety-six hours of user’s manual and training videos for his new bling ring. Afterward, he’s gonna harvest some of those fear-inducing plants and send them on their way throughout space.

Back on OA, our major players of this story are all called, and their rings make sure they answer the summons whether they want to or not. The mission. Seek out and capture Yellow Lantern Rings that have traveled into off-limits territory known as the Vega system (hey I know that from THE OMEGA MEN). As the team arrives and begins their work, they stumble upon Mongul’s plan of using the fear plants to create an empire of fear. Two of their comrades have already been captured and are being used as Soylent Green Lanterns for the fear plants and to rescue them the squad is gonna have to fly to the plant’s home planet that has a ring of dead bodies orbiting it? Super gross. Things might not look good for these future fertilized friends but in a turn of events the plant’s actually have a mom and she wants to stop her babies from being misused. With her betrayal to Mongul, the Lanterns are able to turn the tide and stop Mongul, but only at the cost of one of their own.

World’s Finest