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Top Comics to Read For Fun

If you’re a horror\drama fan like me, your bookshelf is probably filled with super dark stories. But sometimes, it’s nice to just read something without feeling the weight of the universe on your shoulders.

To read something that doesn’t make you uncomfortable (thinking about you PREACHER) or makes you jump into an emotional rollercoaster (winking at you SAGA). Sometimes it is also nice to embark on a short journey where you don’t have to go through 3000 volumes to get from A to Z (hello, THE WALKING DEAD). 

Sometimes, you just want to smile, laugh a little, and then jump right back into your real life. And that’s what I wanted to share with you today: my favorite books\series to read, including some honorable mentions, when I’m in a bad mood or just don’t want to put in the effort. Because horror and gore can also be funny!


Team: Skottie Young Publisher: Image Comics

Probably one my favorite comics. 

Imagine a super colorful - filled with sweets and candies - magical land called Fairyland. Now imagine being brought there at 6 years old… and getting stuck inside for 34 years. That’s the reality of Gertrude, a 40-year-old stuck in a 6-year-old body. She roams free in the never-ending world of Fairyland, getting crazier every minute trying to figure out how to get back in the real world accompanied by her fed-up sidekick: a clothed fly that likes to smoke cigars. 

This story is honestly so much fun. Skottie Young had so much fun writing and creating this universe and it shows. It’s devious, makes me very happy with those bright and vivid colors, without forgetting

Gertrude who’s just and adorably abominable little-old girl-woman.

If you’re looking to read something that will make you travel to another dimension, makes you smile and laugh with just a wonderful touch of gory and over the top scenes….. That’s the series you need to read. 

Composed of 4 volumes, the ride is fast, smooth, colorful…. And devious!


Writer: Chris Roberson and Michael Allred Publisher: DC Comics/Vertigo

One of the first comics I ever bought.

You might have heard about it since CBC based one of their tv shows on the comics (although it is VERY different). 

In IZOMBIE, you’ll meet a charming woman named Gwen. But Gwen is not an ordinary person. She works as a gravedigger in a cemetery, but she is not an ordinary person: she also eats brain for diner.

Yes, Gwen is a Zombie and in order to stay sane, she must eat brains. The only thing is, while consuming that part of a deceased, she also absorbs their thoughts and minds. Something that often leads her on the path of justice, murders and other adventures. She is helped by her friends: a ghost who died in the 60’s, a were-dog and other creatures. 

If you like light detective stuff in a pop art inspired décor, then IZOMBIE is definitely a must read. With some crazy fun creatures, Chris Roberson creates a funny, yet mysterious world. It’s not like any other classic zombie’s adventures, but it’s a story I like to go back to when I want to dive into another world while keeping my head light and free. 

Again, composed of 4 volumes. There’s a bit of a mystery going on so you might have to think about some clues from the different volumes, but it’s nothing super complicated or brain wrecking. 


Writer: John Layman and Rob Guillory Publisher: Image Comics

This one is not a ‘’short’’ story per say, but it is one of my favorites to read when I’m not in the mood to read at all.

Silly at times, funny in others, this series is a rather simple yet entertaining one. 

You follow the story of Agent Chu, a cibopathic FDA agent. Cibopathic means he has a special power: everything he eats, he can see where it is from. For example: eating an apple, he can see where it grew, how it was harvested, etc. Same thing for when he eats meat… But more violent.

Chu lives in a world where an avian flu made the consumption of chicken illegal, opening the doors to a whole other black market: the FDA fights against criminal illegally commercializing chicken. 

Now for this one I agree, it can be a little disgusting at times since Agent Chu is often placed in a position where he has to taste…. Unconventional ‘’food’’. But if you don’t mind the occasional ‘’ickiness’’ of it, CHEW is a brilliantly funny and simple story. 

As previously said, it’s far from being a short story with its 12 volumes. But the beauty of this story is that you can put it down and then pick it up months later and you won’t be lost. It’s simple but so nice to read.


Creator: Eric Powell Publisher: Dark Horse Comics / Albatross Funnybooks

Don’t get fooled by the dark colors of this sublime art: THE GOON is a fantastic series if you like humorous characters, funny creatures, monsters and old-school gangsters. 

Described as dark-comedy, THE GOON is all about discovering an alternate universe filled with vampires, zombies, ghosts and so many other monsters. You will often find Goon and Franky in the middle of a fight, not giving a sh*t about what’s happening. They are a duo of gangsters who are not afraid to knock out some senses in the nearest group of paranormal thugs. 

The most perfect thing about this series is how you can start reading at basically any number. Sure, some characters are coming back, some battles last a little longer than others, but overall, it’s a really easy read. And it is F.U.N.!

To be honest, I am not sure of the exact amount of volumes out there. But, if I’m not mistaken, there are currently 5 library editions available at Dark Horse Comics and it was recently launched again under Mister Eric Powell’s own franchise, Albatross Funnybooks. 

Let’s finish this article with comics that are maybe not all award winners, but still have a special place in my heart (and my bookshelf):

Honorable mentions for a light, fast, easy and fun read that you should look for next time you’re either bored or in a bad mood:


Team: Doug Wagner, Daniel Hillyard and Laura Martin Publisher: Image Comics

Edwyn, a retired serial killer, sees himself going back to his old habits after Virginia, the love of his life, is kidnapped by some villain. But Virginia is not what you think “she” is. 

Weird, funny and not your conventional serial killer story. The whole story fits in one volume: short and sweet, you’ll have a good laugh reading it!


Team: Joelle Jones and Jamie S. Rich Publisher: Dark Horse Comic

A 1950’s housewife who lives a double life as a hitwoman? That’s what LADY KILLER is about. The contrast of this bubbly and colorful character with the gory universe she lives in makes me giggle and smile. Also, Joelle Jones beautifully makes fun of the 50’s with a perfectly on point satirical tone. There are currently 2 volumes out.


Team: Andrew Maclean Publisher: Image Comics

You will either be entertained by the bright colors and vibrant universe or you will have a good time reading the story of Norgal, casually walking around with the head of Agatha Blue Witch, who was hired to slay the sorcerer causing trouble on a usually peaceful island. Fully packed with action, funny creatures and just the perfect balance of simple humor. I’ve only read the first volume (out of 3), but I really enjoyed reading it!

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