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Justice In Spaaaaaaaaaace (Justice League Odyssey #12 Review)


Writer: Dan Abnett

Artist: Will Conrad

Colors: Rain Beredo

Letterer: Andworld Design

Cover: Will Conrad & Ivan Nunes

Publisher: DC

Rating: 9/10 Other Boxes

Oh man, the League is going where no League has gone before in this issue. JUSTICE LEAGUE ODYSSEY has been an interesting exploration so far since it’s release. Four heroes traveling to the Lost Sector, a group of planets that for the longest time have been bottled up and stored away in Brainiac’s collection. With the events of NO JUSTICE releasing them back into the world we had some of our heroes feel the call to this place, and with the carefully placed guidance of one Darkseid, we have our series. After a long voyage we have now made it to issue twelve and this one proves to be the biggest moment yet within the whole series so far. I’m gonna do my best not to spoil this.

Aligning The Stars Just Right

If this is a series you haven’t heard much of, then you are missing out. Cool premise aside, the creative team on this book have really outdone themselves with building up a story that creates so much weight behind it. No deep space telescope is required to see the detail in Will Conrad’s art. Every character here is detailed so well you can really see the muscles and features to each character. Along with Rain Beredo’s colors, who already puts shine on some of these characters (talking about that polish on Cyborg’s chrome and Darkseid big evil head), they really bring out a cool 4th world look in these panels which is perfect when working with Darkseid.

While the artists create the appealing view, only one person has the gravity to pull me into a book like this with their out of this world story telling. It’s no moon. It’s Dan Abnett. This guy has brought me down to the bottom of the ocean with AQUAMAN and now I’ve followed him into the stars with Odyssey. I mean, there was some pretty strong pull knowing that Jessica Cruz was going to featured in this story (she’s my favorite Green Lantern). Despite J-Bird being the main reason Abnett’s writing and plot had me pretty excited about the unlikely roster that was part of this team. Cyborg, Starfire and Azreal all feel a call to the Lost Sector and find out they are Old Gods? Super enticing right then and there. We got a good solid story building up on heroism, discovery and twists for all these characters and I definitely feel like they all had some great stuff going on.


Starfire! Loving and pretty nonviolent. She came to find her home planet Tamaran that Brainiac had stolen away so long ago. When unlocking new and more destructive powers that she could barely control (along with a bit of extra anger), she continued to fight hard to reign them in. Her goodness continued to shine through as bright as her star bolts and when put in confrontation with her sister, she tried for peace and only resorted to violence when necessary. Her strength and love for her friends would be there for her to overcome Darkseid when needed.