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McGuffin X (Powers Of X #3 Review)


Writer: Jonathan Hickman

Artist: R.B. Silvia

Colorist: Marte Gracia

Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles

Design: Tom Muller

Cover Artist: R.B. Silvia & Marte Gracia

Publisher: Marvel

Rating: 8/10 Terminal Apocalypse Seeds

Powerful new info and powerful new questions were brought to us in the last issue of POWERS OF X. Issue #2 gave us a little something from all 4 timelines presented throughout HoX and PoX so that lean into having a significant impact on the mutant’s existence. Has Hickman given us the corner pieces of the puzzle we need to begin piecing it all together? The stories from these two books are beginning to really pick up now and after the last issue of PoX it’s time to dive right back in with another issue and try to avoid spoilers as much as possible.

Recap Ⅸ

It’s important how much both HoX and PoX rely on each other for the stories being told here by Hickman. HOUSE OF X #2 gave us one of the biggest changes to X-Men history with the reveal of Moira being a reincarnating mutant who lived multiple lives already, trying something different each time. The ending result of the reveal is by the tenth life we see Moira open her mind up to Charles Xavier revealing everything she has experienced. This is the clearest thread the ties through this issue and the following POWERS OF X #2 which established four things:

  1. In the past, Moira and Charles, now with the knowledge of mutant’s history and end, seek out Magneto to form an alliance of two of the biggest mutant idealists on the opposite side of the spectrum from each other. The biggest reveal that I’m waiting for at this moment is the awkward conversation someone has to have about Magneto not being Pietro and Wanda’s father…

  2. In the present, the mutants are being faced with the opposition of some members of the biggest organizations on the planet secretly coming together in fear of the mutant’s rising power and status. They are tasking resident good boy, Cyclops to go on a suicide space mission to take out evil mutant killing robots.

  3. In the future, we discover the leader of what’s left of the mutant resistance on Earth is none other than Apocalypse who uses data collected in the first issue to enact the next stage of his plan to fight the sentinels and machines.

  4. In the very far future, mutants, or they might be some machine hybrid is seeking to be brought into a galactic society through some form of ascension.

Story X

So we’re finally at the actual issue. This one doesn’t have us jumping around through different time periods for one, focusing on the events going on 100 years in the future with Apocalypse and his resistance. Misdirection and speed are of the essence with this last attempt to end everything and save the mutant race. Xorn is crazy and pacifist loving Cardinal has had it with everything that he is willing to get his hands dirty in this fight. Compared to the other issues that have come out, this one has been by far the most action-packed.  While some of Apocalypse's friends set up a distraction, that leaves an opening for the immortal mutant to go after the main prize, something that has the ability to change the course of mutant history to prevent their time, McGuffin X.

The issue has us taken to a lot of different futuristic locations that really let R.B. Silvia and colorist Marte Gracia flex their artistic talent. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Sentinels look as cool as they do in this issue. The use of glare in the background has some of the most standout moments. Each panel that features it almost feels to me like a cue for an increase in excitement and shock as they add weight to those featured in front of them. For machine people being so above humans, the ones we have featured in this story are surprisingly very full of emotion in their expressions it almost humanizes them in a way.

The robots don’t just behave human, Hickman’s writing also gets them there as well. Nimrod has quickly become a favorite villain of mine based on his personality of going from super playful to stone-cold analytical. It makes him interesting and I feel like Hickman nailed it with this character. Rasputin also was one of those characters that you could feel people gravitate to not just based on design. She has a tough and fiery personality that tells you that she isn’t the type to roll over when faced with extinction. I wish the same could be said for Cardinal and the other future mutants that are featured but I feel like with the limited time they all have the writing didn't do enough to win me on more than just their designs.

So Ends The Review of X

From all the issues released so far, this one definitely tops the others. Hickman has done an amazing job of capturing readers of this series. Not only has he made big waves with major changes to the X-Men’s history, but in how he has weaved different timelines throughout his story with new reveals leading to bigger impacts on what the future of this franchise will be. With this issue, we finally saw one of these threads seemingly come full circle leaving us to wonder what that means for the present as well as the far future of the mutant race. I am looking forward to what comes next now, as it feels like this issue finally started pushing things into motion to reveal what the future Hickman has planned. I hope you all are finding enjoyment in the series so far. Now we just need to get the X-Men showing up!

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