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Crashing Weddings and Taking Names (Going to the Chapel #1 Review)

Updated: Jan 25, 2020


Writer: David Pepose

Artist: Gavin Guidry

Colorist: Liz Kramer

Letterer: Ariana Maher with Colin Bell

Publisher: Action Lab

Rating: 9/10

OK, first off let me say that I absolutely love David Pepose's writing, so when I heard he was following up SPENCER & LOCKE 2 (a personal favorite) I knew I had to check it out. Just like most of the articles you'll read about the book, it's hailed as a "rom-com meets action flick". The perfect blend of films such as "Wedding Crashers", "Die Hard" and a touch of "Pulp Fiction". Pepose is really flexing his muscles on this one, he shows a wide range after writing the serious/dark comedy of SPENCER & LOCKE and following it up with a comedic/action packed story, pure genius.

The story begins with our reluctant bride, Emily, on her wedding day, she's getting a case of "cold feet". Is she making the worst decision of her life? Her Grandmother has a piece of advice, "make sure you have a small piece on the side". Hahaha I was dying from laughter when I read it. That's when I knew I was gonna love the book.

From there we catch up with the groom at the bar, where the preeminent nuptials are being blasted on the news, we learn that the bride is the daughter of a well known CEO. The important part is that she will be wearing a diamond necklace worth a quarter of a million dollars. This is where the Bad Elvis gang, with their leader Tom, decide they're gonna invite themselves to the wedding and help themselves to the necklace. But things aren't as they seem and this might just be the out that Emily was looking for.

Pepose has a great comedic voice when he writes and brings a sense of reality to every character he writes. His characters are always easily relatable and enjoyable to read. Having mastered the "mash-up" genre with SPENCER & LOCKE, he once again perfectly blends the rom-com and action film genres for one hell of a story. Like always he delivers a hell of a cliffhanger on the last page that makes you wish you could binge read this entire series.

Once again, Pepose is blessed with a great art team. Joining him this time is Gavin Guidry, who excels at making each character have their own distinct look. His choice of the little moments he captures in each panel really add to the books humorous tone. I can't talk about the art without mentioning the color skills of Ariana Maher, she creates such a bright and vibrant mood that is like icing on the cake.

This book is such a fun read and a great move by Pepose, a book full of originality. He is definitely a writer to keep your eye on. Not to mention he keeps bringing all of these great artists on board. If you're looking for a new series that is sure to make you laugh, look no further than GOING TO THE CHAPEL.

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