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How Much Does Everything Cost? (Everything #1 Review)

Updated: Jan 25, 2020


Writer: Christopher Cantwell

Artist: I.N.J. Culbard

Editor:Karen Berger

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics/Berger Books

Rating: 8/10

Welcome to the 80's, in small town Holland, Michigan. There's a new store opening up called Everything, but not all is as it seems in this quaint little town. Something is off, but you can't quite figure out why.  This is a strange story of the most terrifying pursuit of happiness you'll ever read. This is another exciting new book from Berger Books (Dark Horse Comics).

Editor, Karen Berger, had this to say about this mysterious new book,

“I love Everything!” said Berger. “It’s like if Twin Peaks and Stranger Things had a baby and Ray Bradbury was the godfather. It’s truly one of the strangest and most surreal series I’ve ever published, while being incredibly moving and relatable.”

Christopher Cantwell takes us into the sleepy town of Holland where we are quickly introduced to some of the main players of this book. As everyone is gearing up for the opening of the mega store, Everything, where as you could probably imagine they sell "everything". But there is a deeper mystery that flows through this town. I still can't quite put my finger on what I just read, I was left with a sense of confusion and uneasiness, yet I still want to know more about the book. Who is Eberhard Friendly and why does he have an ant problem? What's up with Shirley, this perfect little store manager? And then there's Lori, who was by far the most intriguing character, this pessimistic alcoholic, I have to know more. Plus what's up with that dude that was lit on fire at the end? Cantwell does a great job of giving the reader just enough information to pull you in, but not showing you the whole deck. 

The art was great, I.N.J. Culbard did a fantastic job of painting a wholesome yet eerie vibe throughout the book. Each character has a distinct look to them and Culbard exudes emotion effortlessly through their eyes. The art is both beautiful and haunting, the image of the man on fire is still etched in my brain.

Ok I don't know how much a review this is, but that's the feeling I got after reading. I'm not really sure what I'm feeling, other than I need to know what happens next. While I may not be selling this book that well, I definitely think it's worth picking up for all of you "Twins Peaks" and "Stranger Things" fans. This is the perfect book for anyone that loves a good mystery. The best part is that you won't have any clue where this is headed, which makes for a captivating read.


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