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The Best Damned Lemonade In The Neighborhood (Pink Lemonade #1 Review)


Writer: Nick Cagnetti

Artist: Nick Cagnetti

Letterer: Nick Cagnetti

Publisher: IT’S ALIVE!

Rating: 9/10 Cups Of Pink Lemonade

Though summer has reached its end and I’ve donned the many scarves I need to enjoy my seasonal beverage, I look back for one last taste of that fun and carefree feeling. I didn’t have to wait long when a nice refreshing cup (comic) of Pink Lemonade #1 from IT’S ALIVE! reached my inbox. Thanks to cidnyareads on Instagram back in June, I was introduced to the colorful world of Pink Lemonade in her review. The look of it alone was enough for me to back this book by Nick Cagnetti on Indiegogo. Thanks to It’s Alive, I was able to prepare a nice pitcher of a review to bring those parched for a wonderful comic.

9 Cups Water

Let’s fill this up. Pink Lemonade follows our hero known as, well, Pink Lemonade. You see her design and it makes sense. She’s a hero seeking adventure and looking to do good in the world.  With her trusty bike, she has the world ahead of her to save the day.  She already has a fan in a young girl and her mother, who spend time getting to know Pink Lemonade and letting us know as readers where she is coming from.

2 Cups White Sugar

Nick Cagnetti’s art is so sweet in this comic. It’s like my soul has found the perfect expression in a comic that reflects it. Bright colors, with lots of pinks and yellows. Combine those colors with the 60’s retro vibe and it’s a total success and I can’t help drinking it all in. It has an almost Allred style while having such a wholesome look to it that it’s hard not to enjoy over and over again. Cagnetti’s art isn’t the only sweet thing in this comic though. The entire vibe of it is so wholesome. Dialogue from the characters remind of classic superhero cartoons like Super Friends or Hanna-Barbera shows where our characters just looked to be good and do good. Pink Lemonade is the opposite of all the edgy, broody comics with dark tones you see today, and the comic knows. The world of Pink Lemonade is filled with heart, laughter and good intentions that leave a smile on my face thinking about it.

2 Cups Fresh Lemon Juice

A comic this sweet has to have something more to it than a girl riding around on her bike doing good though, surely? Of course, you can’t make Pink Lemonade without a hint of sourness in the mix. Pink Lemonade’s world is laid out well in this first issue while providing a sense of mystery, as every hero must discover their origin.

1 Cup Chilled Cranberry Juice 

And what good would a hero story be without a tart arch nemesis, bitter against our hero? Whether it’s giant space monsters putting our hero through trials, or some radically bad haircuts, Pink Lemonade and her bike have many challenges ahead to face.


So there we have it. Nick Cagnetti has combined the perfect amount of ingredients to bring to the stand. A strong base with it’s established world and theme. Sugary-sweet art and feel in its dialogue. A sour taste of mystery showing there is more to our hero than even she knows. And lastly, we have our tartness in that some people may not be the biggest fans of our protagonist. Put all this together and we have Pink Lemonade! Summer may be over but this is one refreshing read you don’t want to miss.

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