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The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Beats Up The Marvel Universe (Review)


Writer: Ryan North

Artist: Erica Henderson

Colorist: Erica Henderson

Publisher: Marvel

Marvel is for some reason the one publisher that I find most intimidating to get into. There are so many heroes who’ve been through countless adventures. Where should I begin? 

One day on a whim I decided to go for The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Beats Up The Marvel Universe. I had seen titles like this around with other heroes beating everybody up, but this was one I didn't expect. Squirrel girl is the kind of heroine that puzzles me at first. What does she do? Why a squirrel? Where does she come from? She seems like quite the silly character, so how does she beat up the entire Marvel universe? 

This book is written by Ryan North, drawn and colored by Erica Henderson. The art pops off the beautiful soft pink cover, making it in my opinion irresistible to buy. The introduction is written by Shannon Hale and Dean Hale who wrote the young adult novel The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Squirrel meets the world. They immediately clear up any doubts I had about the seriousness of this heroine. They hype the reader up for a cool story, reassuring them they made a good choice picking this up. “Now, while it’s true that Squirrel Girl is fun, it’s also true that she matters. A girl with a squirrel tail is just as silly as a man who develops an infinitely renewable energy source to save his life and power a flying metal suit. Thank the world for Squirrel Girl.” 

First of all, she talks to squirrels and vibes with them like Aquaman does with fish. (Mentioning a DC hero in a Marvel review? Scandalous!) She is instantly as likeable as I assumed she would be! At the start of this story she acts like a rail so a train can pass over a broken piece of track, she is catching bad guys accompanied by her sidekick squirrel Tippy-Toe. Following page she is at school with her best friends: Koi Boi, Chipmunk Hunk and Nancy Whitehead. This is the perfect introduction to The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl a.k.a. Doreen as she is incredibly powerful and smart, yet very fun, loving, relatable and down to earth. 

During her lunch break at school, she gets a call from Tony Stark inviting her to his tower. She decides to take her friends to this special Avenger business. Iron Man invited Squirrel Girl to help him with some alien tech he stumbled upon. With the expected arrogance he assumes Doreen would be down to give up some of her squirrels to test this mysterious apparatus. She makes clear that using squirrels or any other animal for testing is intolerable. A beautiful thing here is that she just states her opinion to Tony and there’s no awkward smooth talking by him, nor any mocking. There is no tension between them, it’s just a no and that’s the end of it. 

UNTIL THE STARK TOWER GETS ATTACKED. The foes in this book are introduced by illustrations of playing cards called “Deadpool’s Guide To Super Villains”. A funny and easy way to get to know who they are dealing with. 

This scuffle results in an accident where Doreen gets thrown in the alien machine. Now the reader and Tony Stark find out the purpose of this machine, when two Squirrel Girls come out. Doreen has been duplicated and at first everything seems like roses and sunshine between the two. They vibe of each others amazing personality, realising they have the same ideas and views of life. Until they are physically fighting. 

The two Doreens become Doreen (the original) and Allene (the copy). They quickly become their own person, not agreeing on everything escalating to non negotiable disagreement. Allene starts sharing her plan to make the world perfect, after witnessing all the flaws of the current world Doreen just decides to live with and work around. Allene wants squirrels to take over the world because squirrels are absolutely 

everything. Doreen and the gang get increasingly horrified when they realise how serious she is about making her squirrel dream become reality. 

As you can assume by the title, Allene gets so intense that plenty more heroes have to join in to save the world. Even though she is the evil side of Squirrel Girl, you can’t help but be impressed by Allene’s passion. The story continues to be suspenseful and exciting, as Doreen has to face off with herself. 

I am very happy to be introduced to Squirrel Girl through this spectacular adventure. The way Ryan North wrote this story is very impressive. He has many characters to work with and succeeds in giving them all their own personality. I was afraid this story would end up being shallow but that is not the case at all. I really feel like I got to know Squirrel Girl and her entourage. Erica Henderson’s art accompanies the story perfectly. It’s a gorgeous book with a story that’s worth reading many times.


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