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The Comic Lounge's Picks of the Week (9/11)

Can't think of what books to get??? Let the Comic Lounge crew help you out. These are some of the books we think are worth checking out or are essential to your buy pile.

Enjoy everyone!!!



It's with a heavy heart that I write this. While I'm excited as fuck for this book, it's also bittersweet. Jason Aaron is ending his epic run on Thor while taking us to the end of times. He's bringing back Esad Ribic to finish what they started. This is without a doubt the only book I'm both happy and sad to read.

Here's the solicit:

SUPERSTARS JASON AARON & ESAD RIBIC CONCLUDE THEIR EPIC THOR STORY! The creators of the legendary THOR: GOD OF THUNDER series that kicked off one of the most epic runs in Marvel history are back together for one last ride with the almighty Lord of Asgard! Seven years ago, Jason and Esad introduced the Thor of the far future, All-Father of a broken realm and a dying universe, as he stood in battle against the Butcher of Gods, wielder of All-Black the Necrosword. Now that nefarious blade has returned, in the hands of Thor's all-time greatest enemy - his brother, Loki - for one final, cataclysmic showdown. Behold the book no comics fan should miss - the celebration of the end of a truly Marvelous era.


New Craig Thompson?!?!? That's right guys, Thompson is back with his latest project, and this time it's serialized. If you've ever read anything by this outstanding cartoonist, than you know exactly why I'm so stoked. Having already read the first issue, this is a book I will recommend till my face turns blue. It's that good.

Here's the solicit:

From ages 10 to 20, Craig Thompson (the author of Blankets) and his little brother Phil, toiled in Wisconsin farms. Weeding and harvesting ginseng-a medicinal herb that fetched huge profits in China-funded Craig's youthful obsession with comic books. Now, for the first time in his career, Thompson is working in serial form, in a bimonthly comic book series. Part memoir, part travelogue, part essay, all comic book, Ginseng Roots explores class divide, agriculture, holistic healing, the 300 year long trade relationship between China and North America, childhood labor, and the bond between two brothers.


This book is literally one of the most enjoyable series, I've ever read. Sina and Siobhan have created a fun world full of interesting characters and hilarity. I hope this book stays around for a long time to come.

Here's the solicit:

As if living with ghosts weren't enough of a problem, Daphne has personal drama she never expected. The jerk of an ex who dumped her? Turns out, not a jerk, because when he said "It's not you, it's me," he really meant "I think I might be gay, and you're not my type." So now Daphne has to be a supportive friend, get over a long term relationship, and keep her undead roommate from hitting on her ex.



Exactly how awesome has this Silver Surfer run been? Donny Cates and Tradd Moore are taking the Surfer’s lore to new heights and vast depths and reshaping the future for the Sentinel of the Spaceways

Here's the solicit:

• The darkness is spreading, and Knull is winning. • But when the Surfer discovers something with the potential power to turn the tides, is he prepared to pay the terrible price for awakening it? • With the cost of survival already taking its heavy toll on him, does he have any other choice?


I now finally get to share my love for this beautiful book. If it weren’t for the recommendation at my LCS, I would totally missed out on this exciting tale and it couldn’t be at a better time! Issue 9 is gonna be crazy!

Here's the solicit:

NOW BI-MONTHLY! Olwyn and Rook stray from the path to Isola at great cost.



One of Image Comics’ newest unique series is back with its second issue. This book is a mash-up of punk rock, crime and the supernatural. It’s a world I want to dive into. The whole creative team is firing on all cylinders and you don’t want to miss out on the action.

Here's the solicit:

As Izzy seeks to wipe out all trace of her own existence, old relationships are revisited, old wounds are torn open, and all those she's wronged in the past take notice.


This R-rated sci-fi epic gets better with every issue. You’ll get bloodthirsty demons, math-using magicians, an interesting cast and even an exorcist space nun. This issue has the crew becoming possessed and bloodthirsty. John Layman and Afu Chan are making magic with Outer Darkness. An added bonus is that the ship’s cat is the hero of this issue.

Here's the solicit:

The entire crew of The Charon is infected with a plague that makes them increasingly violent and murderously insane. Except for the kitty, who is miraculously unaffected. So who's gonna save the day?


Chip Zdarsky is one of my favorite writers in comics. He brings a certain empathy to any project he works on. His Daredevil has consistently been one of the best superhero books on the shelves. Last issue reunited Matt Murdock with his old flame, Elektra. Things are only going to get more chaotic for the Man Without Fear from here on out. Also, Spider-Man makes an appearance in the start to this new arc. Here's the solicit:

“THROUGH HELL” BEGINS HERE! Matt struggles with his inner demons. Duty and honor bound, Detective Cole North continues hunting the vigilantes of New York — his first target? SPIDER-MAN! The Devil still runs the kitchen, but who — or what — are they?



As soon as I heard about Alterna Comics’ new Samurai micro-series, I knew I’d be adding it to my pre-orders. Written and illustrated by Tyler Wentland, the first issue of this two-part adventure promises an exploration of fantasy elements, traditional Japanese-inspired imagery and supernatural themes. If Wentland’s artwork is as intricately detailed as the tattoos illustrated on the cover, then this really will be a gripping read.

Here's the solicit:

Samurai Ohira Eiko journeys to the house her father built on the site of a brutal conquest. There she finds ghosts, demons, dark secrets, and an ancient enemy.


Brought to you by indie publisher Mythos Comics, comes new series...Vamp! I know what you’re thinking, but this series seems to be merging the vampire genre with mystery/noir and I think this could end up being something special. The Las Vegas hotel setting has an endless number of possibilities for amazing scenery and narrative opportunity that has me intrigued – I can’t wait to pick this up!

Here's the solicit:

A new monthly series where Vampires rule Sin City... The biggest hush-hush in Vegas is that the Sanctus Hotel & Casino is run by vampires, and Julian Smith is their personal cleaner. As Head of Guest Services, he makes sure these secrets stay buried with their unluckier guests while keeping the rest of the clientele healthy, bappy, and coming back for more. It's just another night on the job for Julian Smith, driving his boss's girl to her next flesh gig. Things get messy when Sara decides to devour a handsy pack of frat boys. Sigh. No rest for the wicked... or their employees. It's gonna be a long night.



I am always excited for a new issue of Tom King's Batman. The cliffhanger of issue 77 makes me hate that it's a bimonthly title because I want to read more now. I am filled with nothing but anticipation for this issue. Tom has tweet out pictures of the interior of the book and it seems very heavily focused on Bruce and Selina after the wedding and it looks like a dream. The art alone should be a reason you should pick this up. PLUS, the last two issues have been selling like hot-cakes. Be sure to secure your copy ASAP.

Here's the solicit:

In the first part of a "City of Bane" interlude, Batman receives help from an ally he thought he had lost for good: Catwoman! Still recovering from the beatings he took from Bane and Flashpoint Batman, the Dark Knight readies himself for a return to Gotham City, and it's Selina Kyle who holds the key. She knows how Bane is fueling his regime, and she'll help Batman shut down the supply line-but first she has to whip the battered hero into shape.



It’s murder, mayhem and vengence across the 9 Realms, as Frank Castle continues to deal with the fall out of War of the Realms. Frank’s on a mission to make the surviving war mongers pay and all the dark elves, frost giants, and trolls better start running. Gerry Duggan and Juan Ferreyra are bringing us this bullet filled ride on a flying goat drawn murder van, and I am all in for the it!! Plus Check out that cover!!! It just screams pick me up for a good time!! Hahaha!!

Here's the solicit:

HAVE GOAT, WILL TRAVEL! • The Punisher stole Thor's goat and is traversing the Ten Realms on a mission of vengeance. • But the first stop is...Counter-Earth??? • Frank's picked up some unlikely allies. Now if only he can keep them alive...



In the previous issue, Canto trained to fight the Shrouded Man, the entity which has taken Canto’s peoples’ hearts. We get to see him make his way towards the Emerald Tower in the city of Dis to continue his search of his dearly beloved’s heart. A wholesome tale, this book continues to peak my interest with every issue.

Here's the solicit:

Here there be giants! Canto must enter the dangerous City of Dis and climb to the top of the looming Emerald Tower. But can he find a way past the giants guarding the city gates?


In this issue, we finally get the answers to what caused the switch of characters in both the Black Hammer and Justice League worlds. This series has been a nice break from the regular grim vibe of the Black Hammer universe, yet Lemire continues to write so effortlessly!

Here's the solicit:

Dropped into the DC universe, the Black Hammer heroes find themselves captured by members of the Justice League who blame them for the cosmic switch-and on the Black Hammer Farm, the displaced DC heroes search for answers and a way out of their bucolic prison. But Colonel Weird and the Green Lantern discover that the solution to this riddle may not be so simple.

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