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David Andry Talks Resonant

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

David Andry has come out of nowhere and quickly become a writer to keep your eye on. His new book at Vault Comics, RESONANT, has been outstanding.

It's a book that has a Quiet Place vibe to it, but it's so much more than that. It focuses on a family living in a post apocalyptic setting and how/ what they need to do to survive.

Not only is the story great but the art is phenomenal too. With al of the greet books coming out from Vault, this one stood out to me. I knew I had to chat with David, and he was more than happy to oblige. I hope you guys check out the book, I'm sure by the time you're done reading this, you won't wanna wait.

COMIC LOUNGE: First off can you tell us a little about yourself. How long have you been writing comics? What was your first project?

DAVID ANDRY: Seriously writing comics? Over 5 years now. But my first comic was when I was in 6th grade, it was called Assorted Animal Assassins. I co-created it with my friend Jim Lopes and we worked on it over an entire summer break. I think we finished 3 pages? It was a total TMNT ripoff! I also made a comic strip book in 8th grade, I couldn't draw, so the main character was an unhatched egg. During the Image explosion of the 90's I sent in submissions to all the talent contests and received some very nice rejection letters. Then I put it aside for about 20 years.

I never stopped writing, but I didn't think of making comics again until I started volunteering with Skybound (thanks Sina!) at conventions. I got back into comics, started talking to creators and got the comic bug. With some connections I made through working conventions, I started writing scripts and had some very nice friends read them and give feedback. I was able to find an artist to work with, Paul Schultz from Jadded Dragon Studios, and I self published a book called “Last Supper” that then turned into a 4 issue mini series. 

COMIC LOUNGE: What would you say made you decide to write comics? Who were some creators that inspired you?

DA: I’ve loved comics since I was a kid and I’ve always wanted to write them. I think it’s an amazing media with which to tell stories. I’ve done some prose work, but comics were always my preferred way of expressing myself. I’m a big fan of Brian K. Vaughn, Jonathan Hickman, Justin Jordan, Si Spurrier, Robert Kirkman, Jim Zub, Natasha Alterici, and so many others!

COMIC LOUNGE: You recently launched a book over at Vault, RESONANT. Can you talk a little about the book?

DA: Resonant is a post-apocalyptic story about a father who has to find medicine for his chronically ill son. He has to leave his kids behind and head out into a world ravaged by waves of energy that force people to follow their deepest, darkest impulses. The only way to predict the waves are by the chirping of cicadas. We follow the father as he tries to get back to his children and we follow the kids as they try to survive without their father.  

COMIC LOUNGE: Where did the idea first come from?

DA: I think, like many ideas, it came from a variety of sources. The idea for the waves came from a concept called “high place phenomenon” where people can have the feeling that they may jump when standing at the edge of a high place. These impulses that bounce around in our subconscious intrigued me. What if everyone in the world followed their impulses at the same time?  What would that world look like? That lead me to the world, but the story came from exploring the nature of responsibility. How much would a father go through to get back to his kids who needed him desperately? Almost like a retelling of the story of the Odyssey. Then Resonant really came together. 

COMIC LOUNGE: One of the things I tell people when recommending the book, is that it kind of has "A Quiet Place" vibe to it. Would you say that the film had any sort of influence on the book?

DA: I can see the similarities, but I actually wrote Resonant several years before I saw that movie. Same with “Bird Box” which it has also been compared to. I don’t mind either of the comparisons, they all have families set into a horrible world, trying their best to survive. 

COMIC LOUNGE: What can we expect from RESONANT moving forward? 

DA: Hardships for Paxton, drama back home. Threats from all sides. A long journey back home.

COMIC LOUNGE: What made you decide/pitch with Vault Comics for the book?

DA: Well, they were willing to listen for one! Seriously, I love the people running Vault, I met the Wassels years ago and immediately knew that they had a deep affection to comics, they were big fans first. As an unknown creator, only doing self published work and one anthology before Resonant, Vault had no business listening to pitches from me. I really don’t think any other publisher would have. But I think they could feel the passion in my pitch, they sensed another true lover of comics, and Tim Daniel probably put in a good word or two. 

COMIC LOUNGE: All of us at Comic Lounge love the books at Vault, why do you think Vault has been garnering so much hype as of late?

DA: I think like I said, they have a true love for comics. They select projects from other creators who feel the same. They support their creators and they only choose projects they feel passionate about. And that passion shows. And they are seeking out stories we haven’t seen before, by creators you might not know. It’s all new and fresh. 

COMIC LOUNGE: Are there any other projects you're working on that you can talk about?

DA: Nothing official yet, but fingers crossed you’ll see more from me!

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