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What a Sumptuous Life (Vamp #1 Review)


Writer: Jim Eckels

Artist: Emmanuel Bazin

Publisher: Mythos Comics

Rating: 8/10

Julian. Of course, he’s French. Sophisticated. Collected. 

At the moment, blood is splattering across his face as it trickles down his tie which spells “Sanctus”, a crucifixion hanging by his neck. It’s the casino he’s in and working for, alongside one of his vampire boss’ “girls”. Avril Lavigne’s Girlfriend blasts through the stereo as Julian is currently babysitting this woman while she masticates five men with her fangs, bloodshed squirting from one of the guy’s fully-ripped right arm. “I love Avril Lavigne!” Electric cages lower to secure the window as the vamp silently matches his cigarette.

He’s witty, modern, and crass. The kind of guy who’s cynical and awaits death gracefully like its a date. How can you not like him especially amidst Bazin’s art? This book’s outlines are effortless like a dragged pencil that can barely finish the work. Though, it works. The butchery vanishes in the red-orange panels, and the letters are so ambitiously proper, they fail amusingly. The blaring lyrics in large letters are so ugly and old, if I lived ‘till 400 too, I’d probably look the same. It’s funny! Some of the pages are so pale, you can only think of a brooding event that leads to someone’s feeble death. 

In this book, we learn more about what truly goes down in Sanctus Casino. We meet Julian’s colorless boss who he seems to be very loyal, and his boss’ woman who Julian doesn’t seem to trust. Over the 400 years Julian’s been alive, you’d think he’d be apathetic to life, yet he seems to have a dislike to this place - which might be the same? (Dracula laugh). Vamp #1 taps into our entertainingly cynical existentialism. For God’s sake, the man is freaking old! If you’ve had (or hadn’t) enough favorable days, this is a good one.


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