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The Comic Lounge's Picks of the Week (9/25)

Another week of amazing comics has passed us by, but fear not True Believers. The Comic Lounge returns with batch of books for you to check out this week. So many good books and so little time to read them all.

The following books are the ones you can not afford to miss. Enjoy our fellow comic book lovers.



What can I say? This is one of my favorite series and I couldn't be happier that we have a new issue out this week. This is a bloody one guys, but isn't that what we love about this book?

Here's the solicit:

"BONE MACHINE," Part One (of Four) Another year comes to a close. The Sophomore exam draws near.



You guys all need to be reading this. Each issue is a masterpiece in it's own right. You won't find more bang for your buck then you will with CRIMINAL. This also might have been my favorite issue since the relaunch. So good.

Here's the solicit:

Teeg Lawless is on his way to living the high life, planning the kind of score you can retire on... but only if nothing goes wrong. The story of the last days of series favorite Teeg Lawless continues as BRUBAKER and PHILLIPS continue to deliver the best monthly comic on the market! And as always, CRIMINAL contains back page art and articles only found in the single issues


How does one top last weeks issue? I have no idea, but you can bet your ass that I will be reading this book before anything else. If anyone can top themselves, it's Hickman.

Here's the solicit:

As Cerebro does as it was intended to do, Sinister does what Sinister does best and the future comes to an end. Superstar writer Jonathan Hickman (FF, NEW AVENGERS, INFINITY) continues his reshaping of X-History alongside breakout artist R.B. Silva (UNCANNY X-MEN). The Future of the X-Men begins here!


A reimagining of Harley's origin and it's Black Label? OK you sold me. Plus Stjepan Sejic is writing and drawing? This is gonna be a feast for the eyes, let's hope this story is as amazing as the art.

Here's the solicit:

"The road to hell is paved with good intentions. On that road I saw a pale man, and he smiled at me..." Dr. Harleen Quinzel has discovered a revolutionary cure for the madness of Gotham City-she just needs to prove it actually works. But with the criminal justice and mental health establishments united against her, the brilliant young psychologist must take drastic measures to save Gotham from itself. Witness Harleen's first steps on a doomed quest that will give birth to the legendary super-villain Harley Quinn in this stunning reimagining of Harley and The Joker's twisted and tragic love affair by visionary storyteller Stjepan Sejic (AQUAMAN: UNDERWORLD, SUICIDE SQUAD, Sunstone).



I’m so happy to share with you guys my excitement for this little gem from Black Box Comics! With a Badass female lead, it’s  set in a modern war zone. This real world based comic hits some sensitive spots in our political climate.

Here's the solicit:

The stakes are high as Militia and her crew navigate further into Afghanistan.


The Grand Finale is here!! Tini Howard & Ariel Olivetti’s run of the Mad Titan ends here!

Here's the solicit:

• The grand finale of this cosmic epic! •  Thanos has set into motion the chain of events between him and Gamora that will inspire loyalty, bloodshed and betrayal across the galaxy...but what does the Magus have to do with it? •  And more importantly...are you ready to witness the beginning of Thanos' end?



When I finished the first issue of The White Trees, I wanted more. This book is creator driven passion on paper. It covers the traumas of war, love, the hardships of fatherhood and more. If you haven't read the first issue, pick that up, too. As of now Image doesn't have plans to reprint the book. Not a title you want to miss out on!

Here's the solicit:

Violence is on the wind, and Krylos hasn't taken a breath in decades. Can he save his son AND his soul while regaining the trust of lost friends? The gorgeous, spectacular OVERSIZED TWO-ISSUE MINISERIES-written by CHIP ZDARSKY and illustrated by KRIS ANKA and MATT WILSON-concludes!


Vault Comics is dangerous. You pick up one of their books and you're hooked. RoY is snappy, youthful and distinct. It brings something fresh to Vault's catalogue and proof that the publisher is staying strong with new ideas. I've already talked about the book in an advanced review but I can't wait to finally have a print copy of this debut.

Be sure to look out for the Deadly Class homage variant cover, too.

Here's the solict:

Nat Rodrigues keeps dreaming of an island. Soon, the dreams become waking visions. Alone and concerned, Nat manages to locate other teenagers across the globe who share her intense obsession with the unmapped enclave. And then, the strangest part: Every one of them wakes one morning with a mysterious tattoo. A tattoo only the six of them can see. Now, each of them knows—no matter the obstacles in their way—they must discover this unknown paradise.



It’s that magical time again where we have another new issue of Shazam to look forward too! Geoff Johns’ New 52 issues on the Big Red Cheese were awesome and he keeps it going here in this run. This series has been nothing but pure fun and with this issue alluding to the big reveal of a new member in the Shazam family, I just hope they have enough room at the dinner table.

Here's the solicit:

"Shazam and the Seven Magiclands" continues as the shocking new member of the Shazam family is revealed! This mystery person will send shock waves through the entire cast!


Dawn of X is approaching and with a New Mutants title on the way, why not sink my teeth into a story done by THE Chris Claremont themselves in preparation! Untold stories with some favorite mutants of mine. Bad dreams haunting a member of their team? If it’s not a Demon Bear this time it can’t be all that bad, can it?

Here's the solicit:

Don't miss this momentous event as legendary creators CHRIS CLAREMONT and BILL SIENKIEWICZ reunite with Magik, Wolfsbane, Cannonball, Cypher, Mirage, Karma, and Sunspot to share this never before told story of the New Mutants' past! When Warlock experiences a nightmare, he begins going haywire, and it's up to his friends to save him! But as Warlock grows more frenzied, they should be worrying about being able to save themselves...and doubly so when Magik's inner demon, Darkchylde, threatens to break free! Also, a special guest appearance by none other than Kitty Pryde!



The Netflix prequel to Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal has left me with an overwhelming sense of astonishment and nostalgia. The high concept fantasy combines enchanting character/set design with technical skills such as puppeteering and animation, all whilst telling an outstanding narrative. Like many, the series has left me wanting more, so I’m eager to pick up the comic and continue experiencing the fantastical world of Thra. 

Here's the solicit:

+ AN OFFICIAL PREQUEL TO THE HIT NETFLIX SERIES! + Return to another world, another time, Before the Age of Wonder. The Skesis rein over Thra, but there are distant echoes of rebellion. Gelfling and unlikely heroes emerge to champion what is good and just, but their paths to legend started long ago. Epic tales of adventure, magic, and mystery send us back in time to the Age of Resistance to witness the untold histories that forged these protectors of Thra. + Based on a story by Jim Henson 's Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance series writers, Will Matthews & Jeffery Addiss, Nicole Andelfinger ( Lumberjanes ) and Matias Basla ( Sparrowhawk ) present an official prequel to the next chapter of the pop culture phenomenon, now streaming on Netflix.



Vault Comics kicks off their Halloween fall event, Nightfall with this horror title. This book satisfies all your haunted house needs. I can't wait to physically hold a copy and reread this!

Here's the solicit:

In order to receive... First you must give. When Chase Blaine's estranged brother and sister-in-law are murdered, he becomes guardian to McKenzie and Zach, the niece and nephew he hardly knows. Seeking stability for the children, Chase moves his newly formed family to his ancestral home in Cape Augusta... which overlooks a deep, black bogland teeming with family secrets.



The King of Hell Johnny Blaze has let loose the Spirits of Vengeance, and they’re running amok. How is Robbie Reyes going to win his race against the original Ghost Rider, with his brother’s life hanging in the balance? And who’s that knocking at the Avengers’ door looking to take them out? It’s none other than a cosmic powered, former herald of Galactus, certifiably insane Frank Castle from the future, the Cosmic Ghost Rider!! Who will come out on top in this adrenaline boosted, mile a minute issue?? Let’s find out and pick it up at your favorite local comic book shop!!!

Here's the solicit:

THE CHALLENGE OF THE GHOST RIDERS! If the Avengers thought one Ghost Rider was tough to deal with, wait'll they see how many Spirits of Vengeance have just been unleashed by the King of Hell, Johnny Blaze! Including the craziest, most powerful Rider of them all...That's right, it's the Avengers vs. Cosmic Ghost Rider!

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