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The Reviewlands (Shazam #7 Review)


Writer: Geoff Johns

Artists: Dale Eaglesham & Scott Kolins

Colorist: Michael Atiyeh

Letterer: Rob Leigh

Publisher: DC

Rating: 8/10 Tawky Tawnys In Dapper Suits

It’s that magical time again where we have another new issue of SHAZAM to look forward to! Geoff Johns’ New 52 issues on the Big Red Cheese were awesome and he keeps it going here in this run. When I first picked up this new run on SHAZAM, I was pleasantly surprised by how it feels like it picks up where Johns left off in New 52.  This series has been nothing but pure magic and with this issue alluding to the big reveal of a new member in the Shazam family, I just hope they have enough room at the dinner table. Warning! We are entering the Spoilerlands.

Family Talks

The last issue gave us a big shock (figuratively, but hey that’s funny since SHAZAM shocks people) when Mary revealed to her foster parents that she was Ms. Marvel. We pick up with Billy practically cornered into confessing along with informing Victor and Rosa that the rest of their kids are superheroes as well. Victor is absolutely stoked while Rosa remains in shock from watching Billy turn into SHAZAM (also figuratively).

As much as Billy and Mary would love to lay out their origin stories for their parents, their siblings are in trouble, so while Mary gets help, Billy reluctantly has to bail on reuniting with his biological dad. Chasing after the trail his siblings leave behind. he might find one foot in the grave as he enters the Darklands!

He’s More Than Good.

Tawky Tawny is great! We’ve been seeing him pop up in the last couple of issues lately and unlike his New 52 counterpart that lived in a zoo, this one is anthropomorphic and lives in the Wildlands. I guess it could be considered the Zootopia of the Magiclands. Tawny is in trouble for liking the idea of being chummy with humans so when a couple of kiddos find their way to the animal’s neck of the woods, they punish Tawny by trying to make him eat them. Tawny is a cool cat though and helps them out before making their way to the Darklands before Billy arrives.

The Magic Council Of Creators

Say his name, and you know his power flows through this book. Geoff Johns is a champion of bringing magic to the books he writes and SHAZAM couldn’t be better right now without him. Balancing essentially six main characters with such different personalities while giving them all the time in the spotlight in this series is a Herculean feat itself. With this issue having more of its dialogue focusing more on Tawny and Billy though, it was very enjoyable. Tawny is such a gentleman (gen