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Memory Is Treacherous (Ruby Falls #1 Review)

Updated: Jan 25, 2020


Writer: Ann Nocenti

Artist: Flavia Biondi

Colorist: Lee Loughridge

Letterer: Sal Cipriano

Editor: Karen Berger

Publisher: Dark Horse

Rating: 8/10

On the surface, Ruby Falls seems like your quiet, small, run of the mill town. But by the end of this issue, you realize it's got secrets that are just waiting to bubble up to the surface. This is the  perfect small town mystery/slice of life tale that I just can't get enough of.

Ann Nocenti and Flavia Bond pull you in from the opening pages. The simplicity of watching Lana (the lead character) and her trapeze partner, was breathtaking. The warm colors used with the leaves falling in the background perfectly encapsulate the feeling of my favorite season, Autumn/Fall. We also get a quick run down of why this town is called "Ruby Falls". It's an old mining town, so the red rock that used to fall into the rivers, would make the water run red. But, Lana also says that some of the old timers call it that because it refers to the bloody history as a former mob town.

OK, I'm sold. All it took was 2 pages to make me want to learn more about this interesting little town.

From there we are introduced to the rest of the supporting cast, mainly Lana's family. Her dad is the local butcher, who wants nothing more than his daughter to join him in the family business. Her mom who runs the local bar, and its seems like the don't exactly have the best relationship. These relationships have a real genuine aspect that you can easily relate too. Who doesn't have a parent that pisses them off or has expectations that you have know desire to fulfill?

Lastly the most important introduction is to Lana's grandmother. She lives in a retirement home and also has dementia. So when she drops the bombshell that she helped clean up a murder scene as a young girl, Lana is rightfully shocked. After being told to leave by the hospital, she gets to work to solve this cold case. 

By issues end, we see that her digging up the past can be dangerous. Only time will tell what other secrets this little town holds. Nocenti and Biondi have created something that leaves you wanting more. The script has both humor and drama that meld together perfectly. The art is exquisite, from Biondi's art to the coloring of Lee Loughridge, this is the perfect art team for this story. It seems like Berger Books has another great title to add to their growing library.

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