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The Boys Are Back In Hell (Ghost Rider #1 Review)

Updated: Jan 25, 2020


Writer: Ed Brisson

Artist: Aaron Kuder

Publisher: Marvel

Rating: 8/10

The Ghost Riders are back. After years of waiting we not only get Johnny Blaze but Danny Ketch as well. Not to hate on Robbie Reyes. But I'm a 90's kid, so I've been waiting for Johnny and especially Danny to come back on a regular basis. When this series was first announced I was obviously excited. The cover for the first issue immediately grabbed me. The I found out the creative team (Ed Brisson and Aaron Kuder) and I knew it was gonna be a great book. After reading the first issue, I can comfortably say that this might be another hit for Marvel.


The series starts off where else, but Hell. After the events of DAMNATION, Johnny Blaze is the newly minted King of Hell. But not all of Hell's dominions have bought into their new King. Some of them have even been escaping to Earth for various reasons. Which brings Johnny to New York to to bring the hellspawn back where they belong. As he walks the streets of New York he can smell the stench of sin radiating from people more than ever

When we catch up with Danny he's getting into a fight but has to hold back the Spirit of Vengeance from taking over. He's resentful toward this power he holds inside for keeping him from all that could have been good in his life and has to fight the transformation every time. It's this horror spin that Brisson has taken with the book that makes this one hell of a story, no pun intended.

As Danny becomes the Spirit of Vengeance he runs into one of the most vile and disgusting creatures I've ever seen. Which leads him to Johnny who comes seeking his help, but only after this demon is taken care of. Johnny can't help but look in awe as Danny makes quick work of this demon and neither could I. Aaron Kuder pulls out all the stops in these pages and draws the best Ghost Rider I've ever seen. It almost feels like the flames of hell are gonna burst off the page.

There are many people who want to usurp the throne of Hell from Johnny so, he enlist Danny to help him. But not is all as it seems, when Danny is visited by his dead mother who tells him that he has to stop Johnny as he's mad with power. What this means for our two Ghost Riders remains to be seen, but it's definitely hooked me in for the long haul. 

Brisson and Kuder delivered on HELL of a debut issue and I can only see things getting better from here. This is clearly a passion project for both creators and it shows on every page. This is the book that all Ghost Rider fans have been waiting for and deserve. So I hope you all enjoy the ride, I know I will.


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