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Cozy Sweaters, Fuzzy Socks and Spooky Comics

October means a lot of things.

The air slowly transform into a chill breeze. 

The leaves changing colors (at least here in Canada) from green to yellow, orange and then red.

People trading their tank tops and sandals for cozy sweaters and… funky fuzzy socks.

It’s a beautiful spectacle to witness, fall.

But fall is also the perfect season to get in the mood for Halloween. The cold breeze already gives you chills, so why not adding another layer with soft horror comics to get your mind in the game?

For me, October reading is almost like a ritual. I have specific comics in my collection I start to re-read again for 1000 times just because they fit the outside mood so perfectly. 

I thought today would be a good day to share my favorite October series with you all… And to get you ready for the spooky season.


The all time classic. There is absolutely nothing comparable to this series. MIKE MIGNOLA’s creation is one of a kind and inspired so many following creators.

Yes of course, anytime is a good time to read some Hellboy, but October makes it even more special. Reading this black,red,yellow, blue tones theme while walking around surrounded by colorwise trees… It helps enhancing the whole experience that is HELLBOY.

It is also the perfect read to get you in this dark mysterious atmosphere for the end of the month. Although it’s categorized as horror, I wouldn’t say HELLBOY is spooky. 

Through the pages, you will encounter lots of Monsters that will, perhaps, inspire you for some Halloween fun - But it will never give you nightmares. 

HELLBOY is the perfect October adventure, but it’s more than that… it’s a state of mind.


Again, another big classic. I’m a big fan of ERIC POWELL. He created this comic a while ago under DARK HORSE and is now the proud owner of his own publisher ALBATROS FUNNYBOOKS. 

Most of the time, when a comic with more than 20+ volumes is taking up again after so many years of success… it tends to unfortunately drown. However, this is not the case of THE GOON.

On the contrary, it always gets better and better. 

The magic of THE GOON reside in the fact that you can pick up a volume, any volume, with no previous knowledge and you will still be able to understand and enjoy the beauty of it.

It’s another series fill with Monsters… But also lots and lots of humour. It’s dark and you can almost feel the cold atmosphere in the drawings, but it’s funny and hilarious at times. It’s the perfect read if you are looking for a book to get you in the Halloween mood, but more on the party mode. Because Goon and Franky WILL get you in a good mood of drinking beer, fighting monsters and walking around in the dark… unafraid. 

Archie Horror Comics

We all know who Archie is. We all heard about him at some point in our life.

But they’ve been doing some remake of Archie and company and those remakes are the PERFECT books for October.

Books. Plural. Because this isn’t just one title. They have a complete series with lots of choices to pick. You can browse all their title in the “Archie Horror” Collection on Archie Comics website.

My personal favorite: 

Afterlife with Archie. A brutal read including Archie’s crew turning into Zombies. It will break your heart in any way possible when going through the pages and just seeing a horrific version of the classic series.

But it is GOOD. There’s blood, a tiny bit of gore, lots of Zombies and some scary subject. 

Riverdale takes the atmosphere of a scary almost haunted town post-apocalypticy that will inspire you some amazing Halloween decorations ideas.

To read if you want some strong Zombie killing vibes.

(Also, I’m sorry but the comic is much better than the Netflix TV show Riverdale. It’s… not even comparable.)

Also on my to-read list from their collection:

Jughead the Hunger - In which Jughead turns into a werewolf

Vampironica - Obviously Veronica turning into a Vampire

It would be impossible to leave this article without some special mention for other good horror comics I simply love:

  • IZombie (VERTIGO) - I know I keep mentioning this comic in most of my articles, but it’s simply because it’s so great!

  • The Gravediggers Union (IMAGE COMICS) - When the earth is rebelling itself against humans, zombies keep appearing from everywhere. I think this comic is a perfect pick for this year Halloween since environment and horrors are now walking hand in hand

  • October Faction (IDW) - I mean… it’s in the name! A family of monster hunters with a super dark, super beautiful, artwork.

I hope I was able to give you some ideas to spook up your reads for this month. If you want to discover more, head over my Instagram page @lifeofageekymind… I gave myself the challenge to post 20 days of Halloween Comics. 

Come celebrate comictober with us and share with @thecomiclounge your favorite horror reads to get ready for Halloween!

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