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The Comic Lounge's Picks of the Week (10/9)

This week is LA Comic Con, so while most of us here at the Comic Lounge are getting ready for this weekend. We won't be as active on the site. But here are some of our picks to keep you busy for your weekend reads.



This is a book of epic proportions. Ellis and Hitch are reteaming to do a 12 issue maxi-series of Batman. This is sure to be one of the most talked about books this year, so don't miss out now.

Here's the solicit:

The World's Greatest Detective must try to inhabit the mind of a murder victim to solve a case-without filling the empty grave next to those of his parents. Can Batman imagine the life of a corpse with a half-eaten face without dying himself? Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch, one of the most legendary creative partnerships of the modern age, reunite in this maxiseries about life, death and the questions most are too afraid to ask.


This is the issue we've all been waiting for. If you've been paying attention to the reading order of HOX and POX then you saw that 3 issue were highlighted in red. So far the other "red" issues were bomb dropping. So expect this issue to follow suit as we gear up for next weeks X-Men #1.

Here's the solicit:

The revelatory tale of Mutantkind's fall comes to a conclusion that will lay the groundwork of the X-Men's stories for years to come! Superstar writer Jonathan Hickman (NEW AVENGERS, FF, INFINITY) and rising star artist RB Silva (UNCANNY X-MEN) wrap the series that reveals everything!


This charming little slice of life book continues to make me love it even more with each passing issue. Sina on words and Siobhan on art are a match made in heaven on this book.

Here's the solicit:

A standard fight between roommates gets complicated when it involves the undead. With all the ghosts in the Manor choosing sides, will Daphne ever be truly at home here?


SPAWN #301

The Aftermath of SPAWN 300 and the pieces of the puzzle falling into place with the revelations of others to join in Al Simmons’ cause! The record breaking 301st issue of Spawn is absolutely crazy!

Here's the solicit:

TODD McFARLANE returns to pencil and ink SPAWN #301-with GREG CAPULLO, JASON SHAWN ALEXANDER, CLAYTON CRAIN, JEROME OPE A, and FRANCESCO MATTINA, and even more surprises to come in the record-breaking, longest-running creator-owned comic book in history!



Hana and Kenichi's paths converge once again as the pack of bandits that have taken Kenichi hostage attack the Shogun's traveling party!

Here's the solicit:

Greg Pak's feudal era saga continues as Hana and Kenichi's paths are set to collide!!

Ronin Island imagines a world where the world is stricken by a mysterious disease that almost decimated the entire population and cause those infected to turn into horrifying monsters. 2 young warriors raised on an island unaffected by the disease and made up of survivors from all over the Asian continent, are now on their own paths to survive and protect their island from the terrible forces of the outside world looking to invade their peaceful home. It's an enjoyable, imaginative read, steeped in Asian culture and ideals and I can't wait for the story to continue unfolding. Check it out and pick it up from your favorite local comic book shop!!!



This series has been so much fun so far! I'm loving Loki's hijinks of trying to be good to entertain himself and be someone remembered. The conflict with Nightmare that lies ahead is sure to be awesome with the artists visuals.

Here's the solicit:

EARTH'S CLEVEREST HERO! Loki's death has been foretold by THE CHILDREN OF ETERNITY, the Fear Lord NIGHTMARE has come for vengeance, and among the FROST GIANTS, rebellion is brewing. Is even Loki clever enough to stay one step ahead this time? Perhaps now that he's cursed with a brand new power that will forever transform The Marvel Universe's most dashing scoundrel as he begins a new journey into the biggest mystery of all!


One last team-up. With the future ahead of Superboy both literally and figuratively, it's time to say his goodbyes. While I'm both sad to see him go but excited for Legion of Superheroes, his time with Damian is gonna be pretty impactful for me. I enjoyed their Rebirth run so much and I'm looking to see that all pay off in this issue. It's not a goodbye. It's a see you later.

Here's the solicit:

The Super Sons are back! But now Jon is five years older, and he's sitting on the biggest decision of his young life. Damian and Jon team up again for a rip-roaring adventure and a huge catch-up! These two best buds have really needed each other, and now they are back!

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