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Catching Up on Last Week’s Indies: Seven Days, Mountainhead, Necromancer’s Map, and Copra

A bit late on last week’s titles but here’s a brief rundown on some indie titles that must not be overlooked!

Seven Days #1

Written by: Gail Simone

Pencils by: Jose Luis

Inks by: Jonas Trinidade

Colors by: Michelle Madsen

Letters by: Saida Temofonte

A seven-issue crossover from Lion Forge’s imprint, Catalyst Prime, with a writer who needs no introduction, Gail Simone truly delivers in this event. The characters’ voices are of their own making us already feel connected to them, and she brings a myriad of POC folks to the front! So refreshing! Luis along with Trinidade’s art are mesmerizing, reminding me of a funky, avant-garde DC book - curvy, sophisticated, and suggests maturity. Touching up on Catalyst Prime’s event two years ago with the Icarus2 asteroid, more planets are back and Simone will be exploring how the globe will react when suffering from PTSD. I almost feel ashamed feeling this excitement from a tragic story - an absolute must-purchase.

Mountainhead #2

Story: John Lees

Art: Ryan Lee

Colors: Dough Garbark

Letters: Shawn Lee

Editor: Bobby Curnow

Publisher: IDW

Ryan Lees art is my current favorite from the books I’m reading right now. The art is very edgy, and Garbark’s colors are at night, very dark, or balanced, pleasing, and bright in daytime. This contrast brings this issue a very mysterious vibe as our main protagonist, Abraham, acclimates to his new town with his step-sister. Despite her approving words, they find creepy looks, serial killer recluses, blood on the floor, and a crazy old, woman talking about the “eye” in the mountain which Abraham has been dreaming about. Moreover, we’re informed about Abraham’s biological mother, the man who kidnapped him, and what’s in the woods! Overall, it’s impossible to find out where this story is going, yet this puzzle is keeping me in the loop.

The Necromancer’s Map #2: A Songs for the Dead Tale

Written by: Andrea Fort, Michael Christopher Heron

Drawn by: Sam Beck

Colored by: Ellie Wright

Letters by: Andworld Design

Publisher: Vault Comics

If this book isn’t the most original in the stands right now! This issue packed us a ton of story-telling! I’m all in. I couldn’t put it down and I’ve already read it three times. The stories, design, and overall experience of Vault Comics right now is lemonade in a scorching desert. The art is wholesome, and the story, problematic - hey, that’s how we like them, right? P.S. Queerness!

Copra #1

Created, written, pencilled, inked, colored, lettered, produced by:

Michael Fiffe

Publisher: Image Comics

Now, I haven’t read any of the previous Copra comics, but I remember it being sold out everywhere and sought out so much before Image picked it up a couple of years later. Reading this issue, I know exactly why! It’s such a treat, like reading that personalized book your sweetheart made you in the fourth grade, complete in matte paper, and smells like Lucky Charms. I’ve had a somewhat difficult time reading the story since its an oddball with new characters, or the art may have just sucked me in the blackhole!! After the issue, Fiffe fills us in a little summary in the past few volumes, complete with character pages. I’m not a huge fan of it YET, but this book has CULT written all over it. 

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