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And Now We Build (Powers of X #6 Review)

Updated: Jan 25, 2020


Writer: Jonathan Hickman

Artist: R.B. Silva

Colorist: Marte Gracia 

Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles 

Publisher: Marvel 

Rating: 10/10

This is it fellow X-fans, the final chapter of Hickman's mind-blowing saga of HOX & POX, but in reality it's just the beginning. We finally learn why X-Men Year One Thousand has been so prominent in the pages of POX and while some of us may have guessed the outcome, it doesn't make this issue any less exciting. Because as you'll read, that was just a small part of what made this issue so Xcellent.


"You've been dreaming the wrong dream Charles...

and it's long past time that you wake up"


But I Don't Wanna Join The Phalanx

The opening pages takes us back to X-Men Year One to the festival where Moira and Xavier sat talking on the bench. This moment holds special significance because this is where we learned that Moira was a mutant and has lived many lives always restarting the universe but keeping her memories of her past lives intact. As she sits this time with Xavier she once again gives him a peek into her head.

This is where we jump to Year One Thousand, the 5th Life of Moira. We see that the Phalanx is intending to assimilate every living being on Earth into it's collective hive mind. But The Librarian is aware that Moira can change everything by dying and preventing this future from happening. He's conflicted because he isn't sure if that's what he wants. So he looks to Moira and Wolverine to change his mind. 

Is Failure Inevitable?

The Librarian talks of how Mutants never fully recognized who there true enemy was. It wasn't the machines (Sentinels or Nimrods), those just bought the human time. Time to manipulate their own genes to become Homo novissima. With the help of technology there were able to evolve themselves. Therefore the advancement of technology was there true downfall.

Not being able to convince The Librarian, Logan does what he does best, kills him. With the Librarian gone Logan looks to Moira knowing that has to happen next. He kills Moira effectively ending her 5th life.

Enter the 6th Life of Moira and the Breaking of Charles Xavier

Back to the bench (Year One) with Moira and Charles. The look in his eyes after what he just witnessed shakes him to his core and cuts at everything he believes in. They always lose. But Charles is sure that he change that future by being more selective with his students or making a broader appeal to humans. But  Moira has come to know him better than he knows himself over her past lives and one thing has always been certain, he never changes.

Moira has no choice but to take this great man and the goodness he believes in and break him. Even though it breaks her heart to do it. But it necessary if they even want a chance of survival. This is the where she tells him that ALL mutants must come together. What a powerful scene as we witness this woman have to break Xavier of all his ideals in order to ensure a better future

Over the next few pages we get some insight into the events that transpired form that day till the present in the form of Moira's journal entries. One of the things that jumped out me is how she was against going to Sinister for help and Charles and Magento both ignored her advice.

Get Out of My No-Space

In the final pages we come back to Krakoa where Prof. X and Magneto catch Moira up on the events that transpired in regards to the Council of Krakoa and who was placed on each seat. It was the inclusion of Mystique that caused concern. When Charles told her that he had to promise to bring Destiny back, Moira immediately said they couldn't do that. "There can be no precogs on Krakoa", she said. She explains that mutants that can see the future or know how she important is can not be tolerated, since her death ends all of this.

But Things Will Be Different This Time

Charles and Magneto assure Moira that the won't lose this time because they're different and it's all because of her. She has helped usher in this new age of Mutantdom and the joy on all Mutants faces as they rejoice on Krakoa is a sight to behold. Charles and Magento together will be a force to be reckoned with and the world has no idea what's in store for them. 

This Is Only The Beginning

What Hickman has been able to accomplishe over these last 12 issues has been nothing short of remarkable. He has been able to recapture the excitement the has been missing in for years in the X-books. Along with two of the most talented artists Pepe Larraz and R.B. Silva who have brought his scripts to life with some of the most breathtaking and beautiful art to ever grace a comic book page. This has been one hell of a ride.

I can only imagine what "Dawn of X" has instore for us, but I'm sure it's gonna blow us all away. I'll leave you guys with this quote, which I think is the perfect way to encapsulate this entire series.

"I am not ashamed of what I am.

Let them try to stop us this time"


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