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My Favorite Stories From Thought Bubble 2019

Image Comics is an absolute powerhouse for indie books. Their publishing line has a wide array of genres, creators, and messages. So, when I saw that they were releasing a comic anthology, my lil heart jumped for joy. Anthologies are a great way to discover a multitude of writers, artists, letterers, colorists, and editors in a quick, easy, and digestible way. Thought Bubble 2019 does just that. 

There are 16 individual comics that range from one to four pages long. All of them are honestly adorable and wonderful snippets that showcase a person or teams talent. I will be focusing on my three favorite ones! 

Happy Brownie Day- Kim Joy / Twitter: @kimjoyskitchen Instagram: @kimjoyskitchen

This piece is  a comic about making brownies! Kim’s gentle art makes everything feel cozy, comfortable, and warm like everyone’s favorite warm dessert. I love how she only incorporated color into the comic once her character could smell them baking. 

Ashen Joy- John J. Pearson/ Twitter: @Johnjpearson

This comic is a two page spread of 12 panel art that looks gorgeous. It evokes the feelings of melancholy and depression. The dialogue reads to me like introspective poetry. It’s sharp and thought provoking. The colors are muted and only add to the atmosphere established via all the other story mechanics. 

Lost in Thought- KTHOVA 

Lost in thought is my favorite page in the whole anthology. It starts off with this lovely mixed-berry pink that melts into dreamy purples and finishes off a deep indigo. The panels depict a girl traveling through nature until she reaches a gate. It then shows that this is all a dream sequence with the lingering words, “I’m in my head a lot.” It resonates with me a lot since my mind is frequently filled with cotton candy dreams about nature. 

This anthology makes me so happy! I’m so excited to keep tabs on all the new creators I am now aware of thanks to Image publishing this overseas festival for such a big audience. Check it out if you’re in the mood to discover some new indie content! 

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