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Death Around Every Corner (Flash #80 Review)

Updated: Jan 25


Writer: Joshua Williamson

Artist: Scott Kolins

Colorist: Luis Guerrero

Letterer: Steve Wands

Publisher: DC Comics

Rating: 9/10

With the Speed Force on the brink of death, The Black Flash hunting the remaining two new force users and Hunter Zolomon breathing down his neck, it will take every ounce of his heroism and skill to come out of this one victorious.

Of course if you've been reading THE FLASH, you know that this is just another obstacle that Williamson has placed in front of Barry that will just make him stronger in the end. I seriously think this might be my favorite ongoing at DC, and it's not because Flash is my favorite character. It's because this is the most consistently well written book with a rotating group of A-list artists. Williamson continues to bring back so much old concepts and new characters while also making them feel fresh and new. OK OK, that's my spiel for why you guys should pick it up, I'll get back to the review.

So last issue saw Zoom kidnap Steadfast, the Still Force user, and it's up to Barry to save him before Black Flash kills them both. The Black Flash in some twisted way is trying to save the Speed Force by destroying the other forces. With no way of knowing how to find Zolomon, Barry and Iris delve into Zoom's past, and go to the place that "birthed" him. Many Flash fans will remember this as the day he (Zolomon) made a wrong call while working for the FBI and got his father-in-law killed. That was the beginning of his downfall.

While all of this is going down, Wallace and Avery have tracked down the newly powered up Rogues as they're formulating their big plan. I don't know why but I get the sense that is foreshadowing more than just the inevitable meeting between Flash and the Rogues. Hopefully these feelings are just in my head, but you never know with Williamson.

But not all is as it seems with Zoom. See his goal has always been to make The Flash a better hero, first with Wally and now with Barry. He's always had a twisted sense of heroism. But what happens next, I never could have guessed. There was only way to defeat the Black Flash and things go a little off course from Zoom's plans. That last page was a shocker to say the least and is sure to have some interesting ramifications over the next few issues.

This is a book that just continues to get better, and that's in no small part due to the talent of Joshua Williamson. But that's not to say that the artists aren't equally as important. This issue sees Scott Kolins, who is one of my top 3 favorite Flash artists, on art duties. There is just something about the way he illustrates a Flash book that gives me so much joy. It's also fitting considering he is the co-creator of Zoom.

With a cliffhanger that is sure to drop a few jaws, it will be interesting to see what happens next. No matter what it is though Flash fans can take sit comfortably knowing Williamson is at the helm.

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