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Review Those Dads! (Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Comic Book Review)


Writers: Wendy Xu, Lee C.A., Vernon Shaw & Leighton Gray, C. Spike Trotman, Josh Trujillo

Artists: Ryan Maniulit, Jack Gross, Jarret Williams, Drew Green, D.J. Kirkland

Colorists: Jeremy Lawson, Reed Black, Matt Herms

Letters: Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou

Publisher: ONI PRESS

Rating: 9/10 Seasons of Paranormal Ice Road Truckers

Based on the GAME GRUMPS Visual Novel Video Game

This is happening. Break out your grills, have your kids first science project photos on hand and have your best parenting moments ready to regale the group with. We are going full daddy on this one. When I first learned that Game Grumps, a youtube channel I’d watch frequently from time to time, was developing a game about dating hot dads I couldn’t help but chuckle at the thought. I was happy to hear that it went off with such success that even within just a couple years, those daddies were inviting me to the neighborhood with the game now on the Nintendo Switch. What started as a slight joke buy quickly became the evening activity together for my wide and I. Making some hot dads and putting them out there to find love. With one playthrough of ours, we even had a cheese and wine platter on our plane flight home while playing our daddy through his own cheese and wine date simultaneously. Our daddy’s prospects with his male neighbors were even a topic of discussion when we weren’t playing. These daddies were truly something special as they continue to catch my eye. I happened to be in my local shop the other day, picking up my weekly books when I did a double-take before quickly walking back to the shelf to grab this one after spotting it. Look at me, giving such a long-winded dad response when I should be reviewing the book.

Cover your eyes if you don’t want spoilers.

Much Abird About Nothing

Writer: Wendy Xu

Artist: Ryan Maniulit

Letters: Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou

Cover Art: Kris Anka & Ryan Maniulit

Our first story has our build-a-dad of this mini tale meeting up with old college bromate, Craig, to head out for a class reunion. Spending time catching up with your old keg-stand compatriates is fun and all, but not for these daddies. They sneak out for a better evening only to be foiled by bird stealing a watch. Damn those birds with their uncanny ability to lift a watch right off your wrist! It’s all good though as Craig is quite the exercise buff (and he’s buff). Aside from slight-of-wing moves from avian adversaries, Wendy Xu writes what feels like a very real experience for some of those out there whose friendships can blossom into more. Shoutout to moms for always having a good eye for something special between their kid and someone.

Let The Right Dad In

Writer: Lee C.A.

Artist: Jack Gross

Letters: Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou

Cover Art: Kris Anka & Jack Gross

Don’t you hate it when you fall asleep watching Nosferatu and then wake up the next morning to a vampire moving into your neighborhood? Is the newest member to live on Daddy Drive (I made up that street name), Damien, truly a creature of the night? Well, that’s what film buff and tough guy daddy, Robert, intends to find out. Robert's suspicions take him over the top but eventually lead him to gain some truly great new companions. This is such a fun story that reflects similarly with our own daddy’s thoughts of Damien in-game, an overactive imagination and misjudgment of a book by its cover. Never judge a book by its cover kids (unless it’s the Necronomicon).

Dream Ad-y

Writer: Vernon Shaw & Leighton Gray

Artist: Jarret Williams

Colors: Jeremy Lawson

Letters: Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou

Cover Art: Jarret Williams & Jeremy Lawson

Something to remember when you are older is the importance of coffee. It’ll be your best friend there to greet you in the morning and help you start your day. Cream and sugar daddy, Mat, knows that better than anyone, as the owners of the Coffee Spoon. Not only is he there to provide it but he brings his dad humor A-game with the names he has for his beverages. This story has the dads, kids, and friends, coming together to help Mat film a commercial for his coffee shop. The sheer dad levels of taking something meant to be straight forward and wanting to go over the top is at it’s prime here. The humor of things not turning out as planned is an enjoyable read seeing the dad’s in this short story try to figure out the right thing to do.

Fair Deal

Writer: C. Spike Trotman

Artist: Drew Green

Colors: Reed Black

Letters: Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou

Cover Art: Kris Anka & Drew Green

Speaking of dads going over the top, this next story is featuring the perfect dad, the one who does it all and whose kid is just naturally better than yours and will humble brag about it, Brian. This big daddy in the game was a challenge. He brings out the competitive side in you. You want to impress him. You want to be worthy of his love. This is neither here nor there as it is not relevant to the story. I apologize. This short story has Brian trying to help his daughter with a science project. He knows his daughter is the smartest in the room and only wants her to perform to her fullest potential despite her reluctance. The story quickly devolves before Daisy’s and our eyes as it becomes less about what she wants and more of Brian competing against pastor daddy Joseph, who surprisingly has a competitive side to him as well. Trotman wrote a really fun one with this. The kids’ responses to the dad’s behavior is great and the cameo/advice from your own in-game dad’s daughter is absolutely wonderful.

Dungeons & Daddies

Writer: Josh Trujillo

Art: D.J. Kirkland

Colors: Matt Herms

Letters: Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou

Cover Art: Kris Anka, D.J. Kirkland & Matt Herms

I will just say it now. This story easily won me over. Daddies playing D&D. That is my kind of fantasy league right there. Trujillo has all the dads together (minus your in-game dad) for a night of role-playing games. Hosted by the group’s school teacher daddy and very structured planner Hugo, the daddies dungeon experience feels more like a one-way track for them. It’s important to remember that a good DM really makes or breaks the group's enjoyment and interest in the games. Thankfully, Hugo’s son Ernest is proficient in Hugo mentality, and leaves a great message for his pops to help him get the game to a spot that feels fun for everyone again. Critical success Hugo!

Number #1 Daddies

Back in our day. We had to walk three miles through the snow, uphill both ways, just for a date with some daddies. You kids have it so easy these days with daddies on the go with your Nintendo switches, daddies on the computer and now even daddies to read about. Not only are you getting those daddies but you are getting quality stories about them from the good folks over at Game Grumps and Oni Press. A special pat on the back needs to go to Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou, for doing the letters for every story. That is a pretty special talent for that young man to have, being able to letter for multiple different styles of art in one book. Overall, every one of these stories was a lot of fun and if I could get more of these daddies on the regular, I might just have to swap out my morning paper funnies for more of these daddies.

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