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Brian Haberlin Talks Sonata and The Marked

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

Brian Haberlin has been blowing our minds with his art for years. He has a way of adding realism into the world of the fantastic that is both eye catching and out of this world.

He's currently working with David Hine on two great books over at Image Comics, SONATA & THE MARKED.

While SONATA is the perfect blend of sci-fi and fantasy, THE MARKED is a modern look at magic.

With THE MARKED set to drop this week, I know some of you, if your like me, wanna know more about the book. I reached out to Brian and he happily obliged.

So make sure if you haven't given SONATA a shot yet pick up that trade when it comes out. Also be sure to pick up THE MARKED when it drops tomorrow.

COMIC LOUNGE: You recently launched a book with David Hine over at Image, SONATA, which has been fantastic. Can you talk a little about the book for those that may not have checked it out yet?

BRIAN HABERLIN: Sonata is a scifi/steampunk fantasy.  Three worlds orbiting a gas giant.  Two rival civilizations attempt to colonize the third world....which just happens to be the home of their gods.

COMIC LOUNGE: The book is a perfect blend of fantasy and Sci-Fi. What about those genres appeal to you the most?

HABERLIN: This really was the opportunity to scratch my Moebius itch...harkening back to those classic Heavy Metal stories.  Giant creatures...I mean building sized giant creatures!  Lighter than air vehicles...pterrasaurs to ride!  It really is a lot of fun stuff to create.  I think that is it doing another world...another get to make everything up.  You aren't stuck in LA or New York with things we all already know...  As an old DM world building is one of my favorite things.

COMIC LOUNGE: Sonata is an intriguing character that you immediately fall in love with from the first issue. When cokingbup with her character where did you draw inspiration from?

HABERLIN: Boy, that's a good one.  She did change design wise from her final appearance (mostly younger looking).  Other than that she's really just kinda how I'd want to be if I was her...she kinda came into being easy...not a lot of debate.  She'll be evolving in an interesting way but that will just spill too many beans! ;)

COMIC LOUNGE: I know you and David are both writing the story, how does that work when coming up with ideas for the story? 

HABERLIN: David is in London, so we usually use Skype.  We'll just spit ball back and forth or I'll send him something or he'll send me something then we discuss together online.  When you work with/known someone as long as I have known David there is a certain amount of trust in what they not everything is belabored to the minutia. 

COMIC LOUNGE: With SONATA, you guys have created an interactive app to go along with it. Can you talk more about it and how you came up with the idea?

HABERLIN: All of my books since Anomaly in 2012 have had augmented reality.  It's kinda just something we do now...what I really like about he AR in Sonata is every page has plot/layouts to inks to color you can check out.  And the first issue has a kick ass multiplayer game on the cover...if you remember the arcade game Joust you'll know what I am talking about.

COMIC LOUNGE: What can we expect from SONATA moving forward?

HABERLIN: Love, death, and godhood.  :)

COMIC LOUNGE: You and David are launching another book next month, THE MARKED. What's the story behind that book?

HABERLIN: An ancient order of witches that has secretly protected humanity for uncounted millennia using powerful, enchanted, living tattoos. With no major threats they have become complacent and use their magic to live like rockstars!  That is until one of their own opens the gates to hell and The Marked must rise to their former glory to save us all.

COMIC LOUNGE: The book looks phenomenal and sounds really interesting.  Is it ongoing or a mini series?

HABERLIN: On going.

COMIC LOUNGE: Pulling double duty as both writer and an artist seems like it could be a lot of work. How do you do it?

HABERLIN: Sold my soul a couple of years ago...;)   I've been perfecting new comic creation techniques that allow me to be faster than most comic artists.

COMIC LOUNGE: While I'm sure you're busy with SONATA and THE MARKED, are there any other projects you're working on that you can talk about?

HABERLIN: Our first childrens book is avail to order at Diamond CREATIVE CREATURE CATCHER...with AR on every page. Then we have a new series of HOW TO BOOKS...Comic basics comes out in November and features AR so not only do you get Whilce Portacio in print showing his anatomy structure technique you get him via video walking you through the whole thing.  Multiple top artists will guide you through the comic creation process, Philip Tan, Jay Anacleto, myself and many more.  A kids version of how to draw comes out in December...a great gift to give!

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