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The Comic Lounge's Picks of the Week (10/16)

Hey guys! While most of us are still recovering from LA Comic Con, we still wanted to hit you with our picks for this week. There is a LOT of great books, so make sure you give these books below a shot.


X-MEN #1

This is a book that is so amazing it's on this list twice. The Dawn of X is here and I couldn't be more excited. This is the beginning of something amazing, so don't miss out on this exciting new chapter of the X-Men franchise.

Here's the solicit:

DAWN OF X! The X-Men find themselves in a whole new world of possibility... and things have never been better! Jonathan Hickman (HOUSE OF X, POWERS OF X, SECRET WARS) and superstar artist Leinil Yu (NEW AVENGERS, CAPTAIN AMERICA) reveal the saga of Cyclops and his hand-picked squad of mutant powerhouses!


As a huge fan of the The Mask, I was beyond words when I found out that there would be a new mini-series. Having read the first issue, I can definitely say that this is off to a great start.

Here's the solicit:

The best-selling comic series that inspired the blockbuster film returns with gruesome hilarity from the showrunner of AMC's Halt and Catch Fire and Hellboy's Patric Reynolds. Years ago, a weird mask of unknown origin and limitless power was buried in the cement of an apartment building's basement floor. Edge City and its residents have all but forgotten the mysterious green-faced killer known only as "Big Head." But now, decades later, the bizarre Tex Avery-style killings are happening all over again and are on a collision course with a bizarre political campaign where a homicidal maniac wants to "Make America Green Again"! 


Hine and Haberlin are doing it again. They gave us an amazing series with SONATA and now there govong us a new spin on the world of magic. This is one book that is sure to be another hit. Don't miss this book, it's probably gonna be a sell out instantly.

Here's the solicit:

THEIR MAGIC IS CHANNELED THROUGH THEIR TATTOOS! The Marked may look like cool young influencers, but beneath the designer clothes, their bodies are tattooed with the magical glyphs of an ancient order that secretly protects the world against evil forces. With no new occult threats, The Marked use their tattooed powers solely for the pursuit of pleasure until a young woman called Liza creates a dangerous new form of Hybrid Sorcery. The party is over for The Marked. You'll believe in magic-terrifying, soul-destroying magic.


X-MEN #1

This is gonna be my first time subbing to a mainflag X-Men title! I am beyond stoked to see the realignment of the X-Men after the events House of X and Powers of X. If I really like this book, I'll be looking into the other X-titles.

Here's the solicit:

Since you guys can read the solicit in the pick above. I thought I would jus t talk about the cover by Artgerm. Look at how beautiful his depiction of Jean Grey is. I mean am I right or what?


With this being the third issue from the end, I'm starting to get very emotional over the state of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Donny Cates has been hitting home runs consistently and the focus of Rocket has been stellar. With the Church of Truth still remaining a mystery and Drax being a baddie, I'm excited to see the final act of this book.

Here's the solicit:

• The threat of the Universal Church of Truth looms large over the cosmos! •  As the galaxy threatens to crumble under the onslaught of the Patriarch's growing power, Rocket's struggle to hold his failing body together has reached critical status! •   The only question is: can he hold on long enough to make a difference?



The Epic of Spencer and Aaron continue as things with Raymond and his sons come to head.

Here's the solicit:

Raymond Dales only wanted the best for his son, Spencer, but what has that cost them both? The relationship between father and son hits its breaking point. Plus, where does the Aegis imprison the world’s most dangerous wizards?



Could this be the issue that two lovers, who've felt like they have been oceans apart from another, truly reunite? How will Mera explain her new husband to be? It's been another long wait for the tides to bring this next issue in and with everything being teased, I couldn't be more excited!

Here's the solicit:

It's the reunion everyone will be talking about as Aquaman and Mera finally come face to face! Meanwhile, Aqualad and the Old Gods put the murder charges to rest when the true culprit is revealed... and Black Manta makes his move on Aquaman!


The fight between Carol and Star continues! After that reveal in the last issue of Star's power source, things are definitely high stakes now for Carol to save the people who turned their back on her. Will this be the issue where she breaks bad?

Here's the solicit:

The world has turned its back on her. Her powers are fading. And Carol Danvers has never felt more lost. But when a world that shunned her needs Captain Marvel, she will answer the call, because that's what heroes do. Carol is in the fight of her life -- one that by it's very nature must destroy her. What will be left when it's all over?

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