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We Prefer "Extralegal Entrepreneurs" (Going to the Chapel #2 Review)

Updated: Jan 25, 2020


Writer: David Pepose

Artist: Gavin Guidry

Colorist: Liz Kramer

Letterer: Ariana Maher

Publisher: Action Lab


That's right guys, another issue of GOING TO THE CHAPEL is headed your was, and let me tell you it was fan-fucking-tastic. I know I've raved at how much I love David Pepose's writing but it's this series that has cemented him as a writer whose work I will always pick up. The first issue was not only one of my favorite debuts this year, but it had a lot of hype surrounding it. Why the hype? One, it was a great book. Two, Patton Oswalt tweeted  about how much he loved it too. Instantly making this one of the most talked about books this year.

This issue takes us right back to the chapel, where the Elvis Gang has taken the wedding of the year, hostage. It was clear that Emily had reservations about getting married, only to have her wedding taken over by robbers. The twist was that she knew on of the robbers and in this issue we find out how.

Tom happens to be on of the robbers in the gang and also an ex-boyfriend of Emily. But its clear that she had no idea she had been in a relationship with a bank robber/criminal. Now she sees this as an opportunity to get out of marriage she never wanted to be in. But it's clear throughout the issue that playing both sides isn't as easy as she thought it was gonna be. Emily is hard to figure out, Pepose constantly keeps the reader guessing at what her true motives are.

Probably the best part of the issue is how Pepose cleverly pokes fun at how much people are obsessed with their phones and social media. Event though everyone is being held hostage, when they find out that their captors missed one of the phones, all they care about is checking the scores to a basketball game or eBay. It's not often I laugh out loud when reading, but I couldn't help my self. I'll admit I can be the same way with my phone, checking Twitter, Instagram, etc. But seeing it in the comic really makes it seem ridiculous.

After an attempt to get out of the Chapel goes South, we learn that maybe going after the Sapphire necklace isn't what the gang is after and in true Pepose fashion we are left on a cliffhanger.

Not only has Pepose crafted one of the most entertaining books being published, but Gavin Guidry has captured the heart and humor of this script to perfection. When the Sheriff claps his hand to his face in disgust of millennials, I could literally feel the disdain coming off the page.

I want everyone to be reading this book, I've recommended this book to anyone that will listen. But don't worry the next step is standing on the roof of the comic book store and screaming at the top of my lungs how awesome this book is. So if you could do me a favor and save my lungs and just go buy the book I would really appreciate it. 

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