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TK Bizarro's Terrible Review (Terrifics #21 Review)


Writer: Gene Luen Yang

Penciler: Stephen Segovia

Inker: Matt Santorelli & Scott Hanna

Colorist: Protobunker

Letterer: Tom Napolitano

Cover: Dan Mora

Publisher: DC

Rating: “tk bizarro give 9/10 thumbs down”

Whenever I see Terrifics coming up in my pulls, I can’t help but get excited. They are the last running series that came out of the DC New Age of Heroes line when Dark Nights Metal ended. When they first released, this oddball group of heroes also filled the void of a certain family of four that hadn’t quite made their return yet. Despite the comparisons, I felt like this group really grew into something special and with the Terrifics being a part of Year Of The Villain, it only made it more interesting to --- KKZZZZZZZTTTTTT! “Goodbye from Htrae!” What am I looking at? “Me am tk bizarro. Me so mad to meet you!” This is fantastic! A bizarro me arrives on the day I review Terrifics, what could be better than picking the brain of a bizarro while our heroes face off against Bizarro? “Me hate these Terrifics so much. tk bizarro wish they would stay away forever now. Not a good story.” *Sigh. This might actually be more difficult than I hoped. “Advice! There are no spoilers ahead.”

“This Issue Is So Boring”

My bizarro is right! Well, the opposite of what he said was as this issue is a full-on, action-packed read. Our heroes continue their pursuit of Bizarro and his Terribles as they continue to take the whole world back in time. This issue’s stop, the 80’s as we get giant robots clashing against monsters and literal battles on the dance floor against the Disposable Man. “Me hate the Power Rangers!” Yeah, I liked Voltron too buddy. Anyway, this issue was cool as it was more of a focus on my favorite wacky and stretchy hero, Plastic Man. We see Plas go up against his evil bizarro and through some observation, learns a new skill in his power set. “He divides!” No bizarro me, he multiplies. Actually I guess divides too, never mind. Meanwhile, we get to catch up with Bizarro and his son, Boyzarro (“Hate him.”) as our villain believes that his son might know the location of more Phantom Zone crystals to help power his time machine for sending the world back in time. “But Boyzarro still hates his dad and doesn't’ want to impress him by sending him away from crystals.” Yes tk bizarro, that’s quite a foreboding ending.

“Me Found Art So Undesiring”

While I may have been a 90’s kid (remember that time?), tk bizarro is right that the 80’s imagery had some great nostalgic feel to it. The use of time travel in a comic must be a fun plot to play with for some artists and I feel like Segovia, Santorelli, Hanna and Protobunnker had a good time with this. Seeing the Terrifics pilot a Voltron in this issue was such an exciting moment that brought me back to my childhood days in front of the tv watching the show on a Saturday. “Me cried hardest at seeing Arnold.” References to Schwarzenegger, Scooby-Doo and for me, a little Johnny-5 thrown in the mix, created lots of laughs and smiles. There were so many fun references to take in.

“They Are Just Some People”

You are right Bizarro me and I believe that’s thanks to Yang’s writing that they have such a great family dynamic. The interactions between each of the Terrifics feels so close and natural to read, even when Plas is poking fun at Metamorpho or Mr. Terrific argues with Mrs. . “Phantom Girl was such a talker.” Out of the group, Phantom Girl didn’t get the most dialogue, but when you are juggling as many characters around in this on top of bizarro speak, that’s quite the challenge. You think just the Terrifics are awful? I did not tk bizarro. The Terribles were also very enjoyable whenever they appeared on the page. From Bizarro’s weird father-son moment to Mr. Terrible and Change-O-Shape-O’s conversation to tell us their plans, I found myself entertained through the whole read. This all points back to Yang creating such fun and entertaining dialogue.

“It’s Time To Say Hello Jerks”

Of all the unlikely team-ups that DC could have done, I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall in the meeting that brought these four together to create such a Terrific series. I’m glad to know that even my own bizarro bud here can agree that this was a fun---- “tk bizarro is energetic about you complimenting up and down his leasteast favorite series and will wait longer.” I’m sorry. what? “This bad book and I came all the way from Htrae to share displeasure in it but you, you speak joy and it make me want to smile.” I---think you might be interpreting me wrong there tk bizarro. I was actually--- “Me going to hug you now for saying such good things about this issue!” Please, no wait! You’ve got it all backwar----KZZZZZZTTTT! Please check out the Terrifics and have yourself a terrific time.


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