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The Comic Lounge's Pick of the Week (10/30)

 We have an insane amount of picks for you guys this week. Especially now that we've added 2 new writers, expect an even more diverse batch of picks. Hope you guys enjoy!



Lemire + Sorrentino on a Joker book.... You better fucking believe it's gonna be a masterpiece. This is one of 2 books Lemire is doing for DC's Black Label and this seems like a match made in heaven.  I can't wait to see his take on the Clown Prince of Crime.

Here's the solicit:

Everyone knows The Joker doesn't have the most promising history with psychotherapists. In fact, no one's even been able to diagnose him. But that doesn't matter to the confident, world-beating Dr. Ben Arnell; he's going to be the one to unravel this unknowable mind. There's no way The Joker could ever get through the therapeutic walls Ben has built around himself. Right? There's no way The Joker's been entering his house at night...right? There's no way The Joker has stood over his son's bed, and put that book in his hands, the one with the, the, the...   The Eisner-nominated creative team of Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino (GREEN ARROW, Gideon Falls) reunite for a psychological horror story where nothing is as it seems, your eyes can't be trusted and Mr. Smiles is waiting behind the basement door.


The fantasy book I've been waiting for. Ever since I did the interview with writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson, I have eagerly been awaiting this book. It's not only got exactly what I'm looking for in a dark fantasy book, but the art is absolutely breathtaking.

Here's the solicit:

THE LAST GOD tells the story of two fellowships of heroes struggling with the same threat...30 years apart. One group will doom their world, the other must save it. Thirty years ago, a band of heroes traveled beyond the borders of creation and killed the last living god, saving the realm of Cain Anuun from an apocalyptic army of the undead. The legendary companions became the rulers of their world and ushered in a new era of peace and prosperity. But it did not last. Now the foul legions of the Last God march once more, laying waste to all of Cain Anuun and revealing that the aging fellowship may not be the great heroes they claim to be. With the world burning down around them, a new group of unlikely champions must band together and accomplish what no other has done: kill the Last God, once and for all.


Two weeks in a row with ne Hellboy????? What a gift! I can't get enough Hellboy in my life, and these one off stories are always some of my favorites. Plus it promises a demon battle? This is the perfect book to read on Halloween.

Here's the solicit:

A quiet night at a rundown Russian train station turns into an all-out demon battle for Hellboy when three sinister interlopers pass through.



It's finally here!! Fantastic Four: Grand Design is the dream book I've been waiting for. Writer/artist Tom Scioli took over the Herculean task of breaking down the classic goodness of the Fantastic Four by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee into TWO issues. If you're a hardcore FF fan or you want to get into Marvel's First Family, this is the book for you.

Here's the solicit:

Because you demanded it! The bestselling GRAND DESIGN franchise continues with Marvel's First Family!  Brought to you by critically-acclaimed cartoonist TOM SCIOLI (GODLAND, TRANSFORMERS VS. GI JOE) in the sole-authorship tradition made famous by ED PISKOR'S X-MEN: GRAND DESIGN trilogy! Join the Watcher and witness how it all began... Plus appearances by your faves: Doctor Doom! Black Panther! Namor! Galactus! Mole Man! The Inhumans!


The teens of Relics of Youth are back with a second issue from Vault Comics. You'll get snappy writing, vivid art, pirates, magic and more. Take a trip to the island of Oshtia and pick up this book. Not one to miss!

Here's the solicit:

After the destruction of their yacht, Nat and her misfit fellowship are stranded on the island of Oshtia. Worse, they’re obviously not alone. A mercenary by the name of Serena leads a group of modern day pirates who wish to plunder the magical paradise. As the group struggles to evade capture, they awaken ancient spirits that have laid dormant for hundreds of years. Soon, their tattoos glow with great power, bestowing the six teenagers with strange abilities. All with an urgent message from the island itself: Protect the last drop of magic.



This is the one! From the Dawn of X titles announced, Excalibur was hands down the one I've been the most excited about. Betsy is now the new Captain Britain and among her team Apocalypse is there. I can't wait to see how Tini Howard balances Betsy's roles between the Kingdom of Avalon and the newly established Krakoa.

Here's the solicit:

A NEW DAWN IS FORGED! The Otherworld is rocked by war! It is a new era for mutantkind as a new Captain Britain holds the amulet, fighting for the Kingdom of Avalon with her Excalibur at her side - Rogue, Gambit, Rictor, Jubilee...and Apocalypse.


It's time for the hero of the deep's own Giant to make a splash on shelves of local shops! This issue is giving us two all new stories to look forward to on top of great essential issues to get know the Aqua Family such as Mera and Aqualad.

Here's the solicit:

This issue includes two new stories: o "Aquaman Vs. Black Manta," a 16-page story written by Steve Orlando with art by Daniel Sampere o "Attacked by Scorpio," an eight-page story written by Marv Wolfman with art by Pop Mhan Plus, these reprint tales: o "Throne of Atlantic: Prologue," from Aquaman #14 o "A Queen in Exile," from Mera: Queen of Atlantis #1 o "The Rise of Aqualad Part One," from Teen Titans #6


When we first were introduced to the Dark Multiverse, it was through Dark Nights Metal and represented by Batman's worst fears. This issue we are giving the bat signal a rest as we get to explore Metropolis' hero in a dark Elseworld of their own.

Here's the solicit:

The Dark Multiverse takes on the highest-selling comic book event of all time-the Death of Superman! In a broken world much like our own, Lois Lane, twisted by rage and grief, becomes the Eradicator and takes revenge on those who let Superman die, and the corrupt world he could never defeat. Now, with the power of a god, she's going to end the battle by any means necessary...and the Reign of the Supermen will be over before it begins!



The Marvel Zombies are back again! With a beautiful cover by In-Hyuk Lee, this is a Perfect read on the night before all Hallows eve. Which heroes will survive this round?

Here's the solicit:

THE HORROR SMASH-HIT LIVES AGAIN! When Galactus' corpse appears at the edge of Earth's solar system, the Avengers, X-Men and Fantastic Four investigate. Too late, they discover that Galactus' body is now the vessel of an interstellar terror, which one-by-one transforms Earth's Mightiest Heroes into the universe's most terrifying predators! As our heroes try to escape the superpowered, cannibalistic aberrations that were once their friends and family, will any survive? And even if they do, can they hope to protect Earth from the infestation that has already claimed half of the known universe? Don't miss the FIRST ISSUE of this terrifying new vision of the classic Marvel tale!


Drawing closer to the end of this mini series of Marvel's first lady. Sue is in a foreign land with no friends or family to rely on. This book features another amazing cover the 

Legend Adam Hughes.

Here's the solicit:

Lost in a foreign land, cut off from her friends and family, Susan Richards is on the hunt. When she learn(S) the true secrets behind her former S.H.I.E.L.D. partner, what she finds out rocks her world and endangers millions!


Last years breakout Spider-Man villain is back with his own one shot story! An action packed issue with  untold stories of Norman's reign of terror. With artists to include former DC exclusive Pete Woods.

Here's the solicit:

DEAD IS THE NEW RED! In order to finally destroy Spider-Man once and for all Norman Osborn joined himself with the Carnage symbiote, becoming the Red Goblin! Here at last are the untold stories of the Red Goblin's rein of madness and mayhem! So grab your greatest goblin gear and rend your raiments red, for the Red Goblin rides again!



At the end of the last issue, Harley has done all of her research and has come face to face with the man treading about her dreams. The retelling is following the original story somewhat closely but I’m excited to see how the new writer will portray Harley when faced with the Joker’s charm and manipulation.

Here's the solicit:

Despite the strongest objections from every possible authority-including district attorney Harvey Dent-Dr. Harleen Quinzel's found herself with free access to every inmate in Arkham Asylum, where she desperately pursues a revolutionary and highly controversial cure to the insanity of Gotham. But her work with the city's super-criminals quickly muddies the waters of good and evil, and in the deepest, darkest padded rooms of Arkham, even the words of a mad clown start making sense!


We were left on a bit of a cliff hanger in issue 3. Vess knew something felt off and so did I. As the reader, everything felt too perfect for Vess and now our tardigrade friend is in danger and Vess may never find her way back home. On another note, the cover for issue 3 is giving me LIFE.

Here's the solicit:

Vess has been stranded in space, saved by a gigantic tardigrade, escaped an obsessed sentient cloud, and swept off her feet by an alien doctor. Yet somehow, things are about to get even weirder! From the mind of New York Times bestseller Delilah S. Dawson (Star Wars: Forces of Destiny, Marvel Action: Spider-Man) comes an inventive story about loss and resiliency. Nostalgia-tinged humor, perfect for fans of Saga and Guardians of the Galaxy. Series covers by totally radical artist Sara Richard!



The first in my list of fantastic series that are ending this week. The conclusion of Black Box’s Militia goes out with a bang.

Here's the solicit:

The mission in Afghanistan continues, proving to be a challenge to Militia and her crew.


With Wonder Woman being the only survivor left from the Trinity, can she finally put an end to the Anti-Life Zombie Virus!? From the looks of it, things don’t look too good.

Here's the solicit:

Humanity is on the brink of extinction, and only a few remaining members of the Justice League stand between life and annihilation. As the remnants of humanity make their last gamble for survival, will there even be a planet left to call home when all is said and done? The senses-shattering conclusion to the year’s surprise blockbuster is here!


Norrin faces Knull. Will Norrin fall to the black and become The Void Knight, Herald of Death itself? I’m not ready for this. But also I’ve been waiting for this finale so yes, I am ready. Maybe.

Here's the solicit:

The final stand against Knull! The Surfer’s severely depleted of his Power Cosmic, will desperate lengths force him to use his secret weapon and unleash a new horror upon the galaxy? Trust us, you won’t want to miss this epic conclusion!

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