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Every Dawn has it’s Silver Lining (Silver Surfer Omnibus Review)


Writer: Dan Slott

Artist: Mike Allred

Colorist: Laura Allred

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Rating: 10/10

Song: Fly Me to the Moon by Frank Sinatra

If you’ve been following along on my fantastic journey reading through Silver Surfer: Black, then you’d know that although I’m a noob to his adventures, I am deeply enthralled with his character and his current exploits. But in between issues, I found myself wanting. I need more stories of the Spaceways and adventures beyond our nebula. So, I went to my Comic Lounge buds and asked what I should read next. Shah and Trevor quickly suggested Dan Slott and Mike Allred’s Silver Surfer run. Unfortunately for me, no trades were in print yet and all omnibuses were out of print. Luckily for me, I have the one of the coolest LCS’s around and my bud Luke at Arsenal Comics provided me a chance to read the Omnibus. 


What can I say about this run that has not already been said? One of the most creative and captivating stories of the modern era of comics, both in it’s writing and in it’s art. Why the Allreds and Slott haven’t collaborated on another title is beyond me. Seeing as both Dan and Mike are the storytellers, everything from the outer-worldly backdrops to the tiny titans of Brundlebus 3 looked and felt naturally in sync with each other. The character design was unique in it’s own right, there was an elegant pageantry to every character’s physical form. Every character looked individualized and the dialogue between them fleshed them out to have the most eccentric of personalities and were almost immediately lovable, which is the best way I can describe this run: lovable.

To put it simply, this story is about the Silver Surfer and his adventures with a human woman through space and time. To put it a bit more fanboy-ish, this story literally has everything I could ask for in a comic book. Wonderfully composed characters with well-paced development, clever storylines without too many cliché tropes, and of course, humor in the face of danger.