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Iron Man vs Ultron (Tony Stark: Iron Man # 17 Review)

TONY STARK: IRON MAN #17 (Marvel Legacy #617)

Writers: Dan Slott and Christos Gage Artist: Francesco Manna Colorist: Edgar Delgado Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna Cover: Alexander Lozano 

Rating: 7/10

I’ve really dug this series, and believe that Slott has done a great job of using characters such as Jocasta, Machine Man, and Janet Van Dyne that we don’t typically see a whole lot in the Marvel Universe. I’ve also really enjoyed the blending of technology and life that has transpired over the run so far. 

This issue is part two of “the Ultron Agenda” story arc. Ultron has returned and bonded himself with Janet’s ex-husband Hank Pym. (Talk about some crazy ex meets new boyfriend drama there...Am I right?) Tony was affected by the blast that has bonded a lot of people like Ultron together with cyborgs.  This issue is packed with action and wastes no time picking up after the events of issue #16 in the Tony Stark: Iron Man saga.  We witness a lot Tony and crew taking on Ultron and his cyborg army! Ultron/Pym is not Tony’s biggest problem though as he must keep fighting the bonding process of the blast to stay alive throughout the issue. 

We also learn that Ultron has a few new tricks up his sleeve that really keep the fight to Tony, leaving him in a vulnerable situation and putting him to the test since he had much formidable allies on his side when they last fought Ultron.  The issue also does a superb job of leaving us wanting more with the last page teasing a hero answering the call to help and suiting up for action which he hasn’t done in a while. 

I love the artwork in this issue. It was masterful at times of jumping between scenes of different locations throughout Avenger’s Mansion, New York, and Stark Unlimited, as well as the fight scenes between Tony and Ultron.

The story did a great job of progressing forward towards the larger picture of the “Ultron Agenda” arc, especially towards the end. However at times it seemed to slow down and feel like a filler issue with a few pages that didn’t seem to flow well with the issue. Maybe it was from collaborating writers? Overall I’m excited for issue #18 coming out in November. 


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