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The Review Lantern Corps (Green Lantern Corps: Sins Of The Star Sapphire Review)


Writer: Peter Tomasi

Pencilers: Patrick Gleason & Luke Ross

Inkers: Rebecca Buchman, Fabio Laguna & Drew Geraci

Colorists: Randy Mayor, Nei Ruffino & Gabe Eltaeb

Letterer: Steve Wands

Publisher: DC

Rating: 8/10 Rings

All right ya poozers, thanks to the considerable amount of votes from the Instagram community, it’s time to get back to ring slinging with another review on the Green Lantern Corps. Tomasi and Gleason are back again as the dynamic duo in Sins Of The Star Sapphire. We got reviews to will into existence so let’s be wary of the spoilers and get moving rookies.

Ring. Give Us A Story Breakdown.

This book takes place after the last time we saw our Lanterns during Ring Quest. After defeating Mongul and leaving him to be digested by a giant hallucinogenic plant, the corps has time for rest, relaxation and running drills with the rookies. All that fun and play doesn’t get to last forever as there are Sinestro Corps members still on the loose and the Greens quickly learn that this time, they are going over after the corps’ loved ones. This has both new and old members in a panic and to prevent corps members from going off half-cocked, Kyle Rayner sets out with a team to track down these murderous yellow light users.

While Kyle and his team are tackling the Sinestro Corps in this run, the other large portion of this book is introducing the Star Sapphires. We witness as tragedy strikes for a young newlywed couple when their ship is boarded and a husband dies in his wife’s arms. Here is where we get to see the first Star Sapphire ring select a wielder and we witness the transformation of someone who lost everything to someone who has gained new love and purpose. This prelude to Blackest Night and the introduction of the other corps gives us a great opportunity to see how the Starr Sapphires operate. The Guardians, accompanied by Guy Gardner and others, get to meet on the homeworld of the Star Sapphires for diplomatic discussions, that let us as the reader know what makes love such a dangerous but powerful emotion to be wielded. It’s like Anne Hathaway says in Interstellar, “Love is the one thing we're capable of perceiving... that transcends dimensions of time and space.”

Ring. Tell Us About The Artists

The first to issue feature Luke Ross as the artist. Ross’s design for Guy feels very much like a tribute to the character with his hair looking very similar to the bowl cut he rocked back in the day. The art was pretty solid through the issues with some really great panels that stood out for the artist such as man covered in eyeballs. The real highlight of my bias enjoyment of this series when it comes to art though was the Gleason’s work as always. Seeing him draw some of these terrifying Sinestro Corps members in all their gruesome and terrible moments is surprising contrast from all the Superman and Aquaman stuff I’ve been used to seeing from him. Even with these nightmarish creatures wreaking havoc, The rest of Gleason’s creations shine brightly with their bold features, heroic intensity, and that signature Gleason grin. If this guy ever got ahold of a Lantern ring, he would be unstoppable. 

This corps of artistic talent couldn’t be complete without the inkers and colorists who really helped make this a standout book. Mayor, Ruffino, and Eltaeb on colors did excellent with bouncing between the three lantern corps focused in here. Whether it was Star Sapphire, Green Lanterns or Sinestro Corps, the colors and palettes to complement each specific one really stood out in a great way. Buhman, Laguna, and Geraci did great work on inks with the finalization of all the pencilers’ work.

Ring. Talk About Tomasi

If this book was like creating a construct of pure willpower while in the middle of a dozen enemy lanterns, Tomasi would pull this off without breaking a sweat. While I mentioned the two stories happening simultaneously throughout this book, I hadn’t even really talked about the other smaller two that weave throughout these larger focuses. There is a clear focus on what the book is wanting to tell all while Tomasi casually weaves the ever-approaching moment of  Blackest Night.

I can barely have any success juggling 3 things yet Tomasi does it with such ease. So casually he does this that he even has time to give us really quick, but interesting explorations of relationships between different characters.

Ring. Take Us Out Of Here

There ya poozers have it. This read was very quick compared to some of my more recent books in the votes. Quick, despite the fact that there are so many different things happening in it. If you are looking for a Green Lantern story that can give you some really good space cop action while at the same time having some real entertaining day to day character explorations, this is a book you should have your ring scanning for.

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