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Trouble In Paradise (X-Force #1 Review)


Writer: Benjamin Percy

Artist: Joshua Cassara

Colorist: Dean White

Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna

Cover Artist: Dustin Weaver

Publisher: Marvel

Rating: 9/10 Despite No Quentin

Come for Quentin, stay for the awesome action-packed story that hit the shelves this week. The Dawn of X has brought us another great title in a Krakoan CIA based story in X-Force #1. Seriously though, Benjamin Percy didn’t have to work hard to promote this serious to have got me hooked. You just need to put Quentin Quire on a team and you can have my money. Overall though the concept seemed pretty cool with a half intelligence team and half field action team and with how much HoX and PoX were pulling me in, it was worth a look.

Warning. Spoilers.

Our issue kicks off with a good set up of what’s to come as the new threat to challenge the Krakoan nation as our luckiest mutant, Domino, finds herself in a bit of bad luck. Zoom out on the world map and then zoom in on Krakoa, you’ll see mutants are adjusting well to their new lives. We see Beast hard at work doing some field research before Wolverine reminds him about letting a good thing get you too soft. With all the different designs of Beast over the years, Cassara’s look for Hank is up there as one of my favorites. Do you think Beast’s fur is soft? Soft, that’s what you become when you get comfortable, but why should you be concerned with invaders when you have one of the best security systems around, plants.

Home security couldn’t be easier for Tom Cassidy, the ward of Krakoa, as he monitors the comings and goings of the island through the plant life surrounding it and on it. One thing Tom isn’t fond of is visitors who aren’t arriving by the front door (the gates), and with good reason too as his displeasure foreshadows the X-Men’s darkest moment since they became a nation. When a group of humans manages to make it on to the island, the situation turns into a disaster as mutants are attacked in the one place they finally began to feel safe. This is when our X-Force begins to assemble, and honors the no killing humans law? 

Big spoiler, Quentin is nowhere to be found in this issue, but that is ok though because I still really enjoyed this start to X-Force. I feel like Percy really nailed it in showing us the increased resistance from humans to the nation of Krakoa and mutants more than X-Men #1. It was certainly a more violent one. Looking through the issue again, it’s impressive how much action was put into this story while still having some good in-between moments for Percy to give us some cool moments with Tom Cassidy and the others. I will say that Jean’s dialogue felt a little clunky at one moment when they were beginning to fight back against the invaders but that’s all.

Right from the start of this issue, you knew you were getting a grittier X-title to match the theme of a CIA type unit. The details that Cassara put on the characters in this so thought out that I am sure an expert bodybuilder could identify the muscles on some of these characters in certain panels. The action sequences were well done with it playing out so well across panels. Dean White helps complete this partnership on the force with his coloring skills, adding some darker colors to the story to go with the heavy shadowing through the book. It really helps fit the tone for this series that not everything is sunny and bright for Krakoa and it’s citizens still.

X-Force is off to a solid start with this issue (but where is Quentin?). Despite best-laid plans and precautions, both us as readers, and the mutants of Krakoa learned that you can never be too prepared for a worst-case scenario. I can’t wait to see this unit move out and take revenge (is it revenge if mutants can just come back though now?) against this terrorist group that hurt so many innocents. Seriously though, this a good issue.


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