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Ginseng Roots #2 (Review)

Updated: Jan 25, 2020


Writer: Craig Thompson

Artist: Craig Thompson

Publisher: Uncivilized Books


Craig Thompson is quickly becoming one of my favorite creators. For those of you that still haven't checked out this book, or Thompson's previous work, I highly recommend you pick it up ASAP. Like a Master Chef, Thompson has mastered his craft and continues to get better with every project. This issue in particular was an absolute delight. It perfectly encapsulates what makes him such a great cartoonist/storyteller.

We left off last issue with Craig returning home, Wisconsin. From there we delve even more into his backstory and how the story/idea of GINSENG ROOTS came about. This is where Craig Thompson really hits his stride, his biographical stories are by far my favorite, just read BLANKETS if you don't believe me. His story is literally a story about how he came up with a story. I love the insight into why he decided to talk about this particular time in his life.

We also get to see more of Phil, his younger brother. Having learned about him in the aforementioned BLANKETS, it's awesome to be able to see him later in life. Learning how much of an effect that story had on Phil's life was another interesting aspect to this issue. But perhaps the most interesting thing about this issue, was finally meeting Craig's sister, whom was omitted from BLANKETS. We learn why she wasn't in that story and how Craig wasn't sure whether or not to include her in the narrative for this story. I for one am happy that he chose to include her, it's like finding a missing puzzle piece you didn't know was missing. I loved her addition and look forward to learning more about her.

My favorite part of the book was seeing Craig and Phil reminisce though. From talking about the impact of Craig's work to their childhood love of comics. This book leaves you feeling good and is the perfect escape from the everyday stress of life. From the beautifully illustrated pages, to the heartfelt story, it's easy to get lost in this little black & white comic with warm hues of red. I discovered Thompson's work a little late in my comic reading career, but I couldn't be happier that I did. So if you haven't given this book or any of his other works a shot yet, make sure you fix that right away. I believe that everyone should have some Craig Thompson on their shelf.

I know this book is from a smaller publisher and your LCS may not carry it, so if that's the case you can always get it directly from the publisher at the link below

There you go guys! Now there's no reason you can't try out this amazing book. Happy reading everyone.

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