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Doctor Doom #2 (Review)


Writer: Christopher Cantwell Artist: Salvador Larroca Colorist: Guru-eFX

Letterer: Cory Petit

Publisher: Marvel

Rating 8/10

Welcome back comic fans to another one of my weekly reviews. This week I had the pleasure of catching up on the new Doctor Doom mini-series with issue two. I had read and reviewed issue one on my Instagram account right before joining the Comic Lounge crew last month, so if you’re interested in that issue one review checkout my Instagram (@ga_comicbook_guy) account for that video.

Story Arc:

Issue two was an awesome way to pick up right were issue one left off with Doom basically turning himself in after being accused of a terrorist attack on the Antlion project. The reader of course knows that Doom is actually innocent but the Marvel Universe is terribly upset by this treacherous act. I really enjoyed the ensemble of characters used in making sure Doom was apprehended that included Union Jack, Amy Chen, Silver Sable, Doctor Strange, and a personal favorite character of mine H.E.R.B.I.E. who were on hand to handle Doom and transport him to New York. Of course things go awry on the way when Kang the Conqueror show up again, to let Doom know he’s seen his future and also frees Doom in hopes of it coming true. 

Doom is quickly reached out to by Morgan le Fay, who believes Doom is innocent and begins aiding and abetting him with help, food, and most importantly his signature mask. As he is being hunted they seek out a mysterious character known as The Witness, in hopes see the future that Kang did. During this meeting though we are left with a great cliffhanger when another of Marvel’s big baddies shows up and makes an entrance.  

The writing and art:

Much like the first issue I enjoyed the steady overall storytelling with a compelling leaving off point at the end of the issue that made me want more instantly! The art is also done extremely well again with tons of detail in each panel and terrific colors on each page.  I highly recommend picking up issue one and two if you haven’t already and put this on your pull list to see how the story unfolds.     

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