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Ahh Real Reviews And Monsters (Deadpool #1 Review)


Writer: Kelly Thompson

Pencils: Chris Bachalo

Inkers: Wayne Faucher, Tim Townsend, Al Vey, Jaime Mendoza, Livesay & Victor Olazaba

Colorist: David Curiel

Letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino

Publisher: Marvel

Rating: 9/10 Chunkey Not-Monkey Scoops Of Ice Cream

My first Deadpool comic! I never would have imagined that the merc with a mouth would have made his way into my pulls on a new comic book day, but here we are. It honestly would have been too hard for me to pass on once I saw that this book had not only one of my favorite artists on it, Chris Bachalo, but my favorite writer over at Marvel, Kelly Thompson. I’m telling you now, there are spoilers.

RRRRRPPPPP. That’s the sound of our regeneratin’ degenerate, Deadpool, being ripped in half on the first page. Things are off to a strong start for Wade Wilson as he comically chats it up with a bird monster in a suit while recovering his lower half. Deadpool has been hired to come to Staten Island to kill the King of Monsters, who has taken over the place. He’s not alone though, as Elsa Bloodstone, monster hunter extraordinaire, is also on the scene to take down the big beastie. The glory of taking down the king though can only go to one and since Deadpool is willing to sacrifice life and literal limb to get paid, this victory goes to him. It’s time for Kelly Thompson to show Wade what he’s won, and that is… (drumroll) the title of King of Monsters!

Being a king is tough, not every moment is a Game of Thrones reenactment Wade realizes as he has to deal with the daily grind of kingly duties. Though Wade was in it for the money, the biggest riches he received from taking out the monster king and taking his place, was the company he gained. With his very own monstery knights of the roundish table, a cool gentleman bird assistant, and custody of one adorable land shark whose mamma wanted to see him thrive, Deadpool has it made… for now.

I am so happy to have another book with Bachalo on it at Marvel. I fell in love with his work when I first picked up Doctor Strange, during the 2015-2018 run. It always struck me (especially when drawing creatures or magical beings) as a mix between Jim Henson’s Dark Crystal, Beetlejuice, and superheroes all rolled into one. His features on his drawings are sharp with lots of line work that give it this gritty feel, and with the assistance from the many inkers on this book, along with David Curiel’s colors, it really stands out as one of a kind compared to the other Marvel comics.

At this point, I am pretty confident Kelly could touch any corner of the Marvel universe and she would do amazing in any theme. Her run with West Coast Avengers was what really solidified her as my favorite Marvel writer, with amazing humor and character interactions as well as good superhero team-up action. From there, I have loved the powerful work she has done with Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel (It’s one of the first issues I read when it comes out). With Deadpool, Thompson is giving a solid voice for Wade off the bat amongst some hack and slash good times that had me chuckling throughout this read.

This issue had some serious Maximum Effort put into it. It’s fun, it’s big, it’s crazy, it’s Deadpool. Bachalo is a perfect fit to kick off an island full of monsters for Deadpool to either slay or rule over. Kelly Thompson delivers a strong start to this character’s new series and hopefully, she has a crown to match the one Wade has on now. If you happen to be a fan of Deadpool and you haven’t picked up this issue yet, then you are a monster, and if you are a monster, then get on that ferry to Staten Island and go see Deadpool. Tell your king why you aren’t paying his royalties with his great new series. Seriously though, I hope you check this out.


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