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A World Divided By Fear (20XX #1 Review)

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

20XX #1

Writers: Jonathan Luna & Lauren Keely

Artist: Jonathan Luna

Letterer: Jonathan Luna

Publisher: Image Comics

Rating: 9/10

At first glance I wasn't really sure what to think of this book, the cover doesn't give away much, in terms of what you can expect when you open up the book. But the little details that you can see, should be enough for anyone to want to give this a try. I'm really happy I did. While I haven't read anything from Jonathan Luna, or his brother, (I know, I know shame on me) I've heard nothing but amazing things and after reading this book I know why. He is by far one of the most talented creators out there, from his exquisite art to the interesting story he co-wrote with Lauren Keely, this was captivating from page one. 

20XX is set in a not-so-distant future—a world of norms and syms, divided by fear. Syms, make up a small percentage of the population who also have telekinetic abilities. They form gangs to survive. But as always, division only breeds more division.

The story follows Mer is she has her whole life stripped form her, when she goes from living as a norm and becomes a sym. The opening page perfectly encapsulates what we as society think, that "It will never happen to me", "Not in my town". This is a story of what happens when it's the entire world shares this point of view. Mer lives in Anchorage, Alaska and everything seems to be going her way until suddenly she becomes infected. Instead of dying though, her body becomes immune to the disease and she becomes a sym. Losing he career and not knowing what to do, she seeks out her cousin who's also a sym. From there the story takes you on a roller coaster ride and doesn't let up.

Luna and Keely have expertly combined some of my favorite story elements in this unique tale. 20XX has it all, "gangs mixed with romance, drama, and supernatural abilities, inspired by cyberpunk”. I don't wanna give to much else away to you guys because I think I would be doing a real disservice to you. All I will say is that his is probably one of the biggest surprise books for me this year. What I mean by that, is that I had no preconceived notions about this beforehand and in one issue I fell in love and instantly became a Jonathan Luna fan.

The art in this book is insanely good. From the detailed "helicopter" shot over the city to the emergence of Mer's abilities. Every page is flawless and breathtaking. No image or panel is unimportant, he puts in every detail. Not to mention the raw emotion that you can feel emanating from every page. Plus I love me some black and white comics. This one almost had a Manga vibe to it which I really loved.

This is a book that I already can't wait for more of. Luna and Keely have spent a lot of time developing this book and it's evident in the amazing product they put out. I can't tell you guys enough how much I think you need to check this book out. I promise I would never steer you guys wrong. This is THE book you need to get this week.


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