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3 Hellspawns For The Price of 1(Spawn #303 Review)

SPAWN #303

Script: Todd McFarlane 

Plot: Todd McFarlane & Jon Goff

Artists: Todd McFarlane & Jason Shawn Alexander

Letterer: Tom Orzechowski 

Colorist: Peter Steigerwald

Publisher: Image Comics

Rating: 8/10

Song: Hell on Earth by Mobb Deep

We’re a good 3 issues after the big 300th issue of Todd McFarlane’s creator-owned, Spawn. The past 2 issues were decent enough keep people interested but truth be told, this one felt like it shifted down a gear. Shifting down gears isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially in comics. It allows a bit more story telling to happen and visually, it provides more of challenge to writers and artists to be able to do more emotion based interiors rather than 20-something pages of action panels and splash pages. This issue moved the story forward, gave us perspective and revelations that has me asking what more is going to happen?

As the Hell Hunt continues, Jessica Priest finally finds and confronts Al Simmons. Given Al’s current state of mind, the issue opens with Spawn and Jessica going at it only to come to a guns-drawn stalemate. Jessica finally reveals to Al her newfound powers as she gives Spawn the green-eyed glow and the news that Nyx was murdered.  Finally convinced, Spawn brings her to his remote hideout so that Marc Rosen can decrypt Nyx’s cellphone. It’s revealed that Spawn implanted slivers of his symbiotic suit in 5 other people but for reason, Nyx had tracked down the energy signatures of 12 symbiotes. The story flashes back to Vatican, to an occurrence 3 months ago. Apparently the Pope and his Holy City has been keeping an armor-clad secret deep underneath the Vatican. 

The art in this remains supreme. Jason Shawn Alexander’s very specific style makes these issue totally worth it. Utterly stunning and dark but give every panel the vibe of a murder scene. 

This issue definitely was definitely more of an informative issue. A lot of reveals go down by being broken into 3 stories. The first being with Jessica and Al, while the other3 reveals who killed Nyx and the secret beneath the Vatican. For me, it was definitely a shocker seeing that the killer seems out of character. Apart from those highlights of the issue, i feel as though the momentum is slowing down. But The Toddfather boasts that the best is yet to come. Well, with the the fact that there are multiple Hellspawns running around, I’m gonna stick through it to see this “Spawn Force” in all its glory. 


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