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Wonder Comics Unite (Young Justice #12 Review)


Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Artist: John Timms

Colorist: Gabe Eltaeb

Letterer: Wes Abbott

Publisher: DC

Rating: 8/10

When Bendis first launched the Wonder Comics line, the only book I was really excited about was YOUNG JUSTICE. But after checking out the rest, I fell in love with all of the other characters at well. So when I heard that all the characters were gonna cross over, I was stoked. With the team already meeting Naomi last issue, it's time for the rest of the crew to meet. Plus where did Connor (Superboy) end up after he disappeared last issue? 

When we open up, Connor has found himself stuck in Skartaris home of The Warlord. The same S.T.A.R. labs lady that cause him to be banished to Gemworld is once again at fault for his current exile. Connor is obviously upset because once again he's lost his friends after just getting them back. While we don't get to see much of Skartaris and The Warlord, as a huge fan myself, I can't wait to see more. Hopefully this may lead to more appearances or a mini series perhaps.

But I digress, back to the story .

So our young heroes seek out the Justice League to tell them what has transpired with Superboy. But instead they run into the Wonder Twins. After the obligatory introductions and eventual meeting with Summer and Miguel from DIAL H FOR HERO, they head off to find Connor.

While the majority of this issue is just getting all the players in place, it's the snappy dialogue and playful banter from Bendis that made this book so good. This is the type of book that Bendis shines on. He captures youthfulness perfectly and has written these characters exactly how they should be. As a diehard fan of the Young Justice team, I couldn't be happier.

Adding John Timms to the art team was a match made in heaven. He draws with an energy and joy that comes across on every page. A book that mostly consists of talking could cone across boring but he still invokes humor and energy that keep you enthralled. Plus his action scenes are really fun too. Just check out his HARLEY QUINN issues.

Overall, while not much happened in terms of plot, this was a really fun book and continues to be so, every month. With David Walker coming on board as co-writer next issue, things are only gonna get better.

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